Did Malik get Lisa pregnant?

After 22 episodes, we’re finally back to the Malik (Doc Shaw) and Lisa storyline. If you don’t remember, Malik got his stripper girlfriend Lisa pregnant, and now she’s staying in his house and barking out orders.

Why is Curtis not on House of Payne?

As he is the main character on the show, it was odd that he was suddenly absent from the series, His absence was heightened when his wife Ella had a health scare after a tumor was found in her breast.

What did Miranda do to Calvin?

In season 7, Miranda had Calvin’s son Christian, and raises him along with her stepson. In the series finale, Miranda asked Calvin for a divorce after attempting to celebrate the wedding anniversary with Janine, Calvin, C.J,and Curtis.

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Who is pregnant on House of Payne?

After Ella is tested, Janine decides to get tested and finds out that she is pregnant. (Part 1 of 2.)

Is Demetria McKinney staying on House of Payne?

When the show returned with season 9 after a long hiatus of about eight years, fans noticed that Janine didn’t appear as often. Moreover, Demetria McKinney has also been credited as a recurring cast member and not a regular for seasons 9 and 10, leaving fans wondering why Janine isn’t as central of a character anymore.

Is the baby Malik’s House of Payne?

Malik Payne is the firstborn son of C.J Payne and Janine Payne, the older brother of Jazmine Payne, Hayden Payne, and Jayden Payne. He is also the nephew of Curtis and Ella Payne, the ex-husband of Summer, and the cousin of Calvin Payne.

How old is Bam from Madea?

Cassi Davis Age Davis is 54 years of age as of 2020, she was born on 31 July 1966, in Holly Springs, Mississippi, United States.

Did Cassie Davis have a stroke?

Cassi Davis didn’t suffer a stroke, but she did explain her visible health condition. Cassi Davis revealed that she was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. It is a condition that affects facial muscles and caused Davis’ face to droop on one side. Davis stated that she was diagnosed in March 2020.

What happened to Cassie Davis Eye?

She revealed that while she did not suffer a stroke, she was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, a condition that affects her facial muscles and causes her eye to droop. …

Why did Calvin get shot on House of Payne?

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In the season 8 episode “God Bless the Paynes”, Calvin gets shot by a man who had harassed Miranda. The man saw the shooting as a way to get revenge at Calvin for beating him up.

Is Miranda getting a divorce?

Country stars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have been divorced for a while, but their split will go down as one of the most tumultuous in history. Miranda married former NYPD officer Brendan McLoughlin in January 2019, while Blake got engaged to girlfriend Gwen Stefani in October 2020.

Was Janine really pregnant on House of Payne?

Often criticized for irresponsible actions, Janine got pregnant by her boyfriend, who later revealed that he was sterile. It was then revealed that the baby belonged to C.J who took the decision to marry Janine Payne.

What happened to CJ’s daughter on House of Payne?

A seemingly responsible adult and mother at the series’ very beginning, she is later revealed to be a crack head,as in a drug addict and the arsonist who burned down her and C.J.’s home. She and C.J. divorce after she leaves her family.

Is House of Payne coming back in 2021?

Tyler Perry’s House of Payne has been renewed through season nine. Season eight will debut May 25, 2021.

What episode of House of Payne does Janine find out she’s pregnant?

Janine thinks she’s pregnant while C.J. contemplates a vasectomy. Jazmine helps Calvin and Miranda reconcile their differences.

Is Demetria McKinney married to Roger Bobb?

Bobb are tying the knot. He put a ring on it! Singer, actress and reality TV star Demetria McKinney is officially engaged to her longtime love, entertainment executive Roger M. Bobb.

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What is Demetria McKinney doing now?

NEW YORK — Demetria McKinney has been working it in Hollywood, with starring roles on shows like “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne,” “A House Divided,” and “Saint and Sinners.” In her new series, “Motherland: Fort Salem,” her character is looking for answers. Catch “Motherland: Fort Salem” on Freeform.

What is Aunt Bam’s real name?

An integral member of Tyler Perry’s regular ensemble, actress Cassi Davis was best known for playing Aunt Bam in the hugely popular Madea franchise and matriarch Ella on family sitcom “House of Payne” (TBS, 2006-2012).

Is Bam Madea sister?

She is portrayed by Cassi Davis in the plays and films. Despite being Madea’s cousin, she is known to Cora as “Aunt Bam”, Meaning although they are cousins, since Madea and Bam are best friends she refers her to Aunt.

Is Hattie related to Madea?

Hattie is one of Madea’s old friends. Hattie is the partner in crime of Aunt Bam and Madea. Her, Aunt Bam, and Madea used to rob banks together. She is married to Reverend Wallace.

Where is Lavon Davis on House of Payne?

LaVan Davis has made no official statements about leaving the show. House of Payne fans can rest easy, for now. Even though the show gave fans a scare about Curtis, it appears that his role on the show is safe. As of this writing, LaVan has not released an official statement about leaving the show.

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