Does Matt have a crush on Misa?

Though Matt didn’t appear in the series for long, fans learned that he loved playing video games and had a crush on Misa.

Why was Matt in Death Note?

Matt was created to make it easier for Mello to dispense plot points to the audience in dialogue. This is discussed in Death Note: How to Read. Matt does a little more in the manga than the anime.

Was Mello and Matt dating?

We do know they weren’t together during the time we see Mello in the mafia in canon – Matt isn’t in the mafia, he wasn’t present for the explosion and mostly importantly he isn’t the person Mello goes to after it. We only see Mello and Matt together after Mello already left Lidner’s house.

Is Matt L’s successor?

Character. Matt is Mello’s assistant and longtime friend who helps him with the Kira case. He is highly intelligent, known as the third smartest child at Wammy’s House and the third successor to L. In the manga, Matt’s hideout is shown to be littered with junk food and a box of cereal.

Is Mello L’s son?

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Both Mello and Near were designed after L and were initially envisioned as twins and sons of L. Ultimately, this idea was dropped, with their designs switched compared to the original concept. He is voiced in the Japanese anime series by Nozomu Sasaki and in the English adaptation by David Hurwitz.

Does Matt Like Mello?

Growing up, Matt was an exceptional introvert and had little friends, but Mello was one of them and the two got along and were admirers of L. Matt was supportive of Mello when he was chosen to become one of L’s successors alongside Near.

Why does Mello eat chocolate?

Ohba gave Mello the chocolate trait because he believed that chocolate “represented all sweets” and that it would fit with the story arc in the United States. He described the trait as “useful” during the discovery of Mello’s base due to the discarded chocolate boxes.

Did Matt save Mello?

Matt saved Mello from the rubble after Mello blew up his own base. Matt doesn’t appear until after Mello is on his own again and someone must have gotten Mello medical attention.

How old is Mello?

His birthday is December 13, 1989 (1992 in the anime) and he dies on January 27, 2010 (2013 in the anime). He is 171 centimeters tall (5′ 7”), weighs 47 kilograms (104 pounds) and his blood type is A. He can usually be seen wearing leather clothes and a rosary.

How tall is Matt Death Note?

He was behind Mello and Near to succeed L. Matt is 168 centimeters tall (5′ 5″), weighs 52 kilograms (115 lbs), and his blood type O.

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Is Near L’s child?

Near (ニア, Nia) is the younger of L’s two successors, raised in Wammy’s House—Watari’s orphanage for gifted children in Winchester, England. After L’s death, Near begins his investigation of the Kira case, gathering evidence over a period of four years.

Who is second L?

L to R: Near, L, Mello L has two successors, Near and Mello. It appears they were chosen at a young age, with Near being thirteen and Mello close to fifteen when they were introduced into the story.

Is Near and L related?

Near is one of L’s successors but they never met in person and aren’t related. I believe that the novel L: Change The World explained how children from Wammy’s became experts in all different types of fields. That way, if L needed to he could contact a team of say bio weapons experts if he ever needed to.

Is Near a girl or boy?

Despite being named Near, the character was credited as “BOY” in the film’s ending credits. Similarly, there was nothing known about Near’s birth name in the film. In the anime adaptation, Near is voiced by Noriko Hidaka in Japanese and by Cathy Weseluck in the English version.

Does Mello hate Near?

With his parting words, Mello made it clear that while his rivalry with Near was ongoing, he saw it more as a game than a bitter fight to the death. He’ll help Near at least a little bit if it means taking down his real #1 enemy, Kira!

Is Mello a bad guy?

Type of Villain Mello (real name: Mihael Keehl) is one of the two successors of L and the secondary antagonist during the second half of Death Note. Although not truly evil, his methods of capturing Kira are downright insane and ruthless, to the point where he even kills innocent people.

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Is Mello smarter than Near?

Apart from L, Near is easily the smartest character in the series – smarter even than his partner, Mello. Near managed to make it to the very end, but he probably wouldn’t have caught Light or made it as far as he did without the help of L and Mello.

Is Mello Russian?

Mello was an orphan but we the fans got to know where he came from, which has to be americans or English. His name is written in English-language above his head. Meaning he had to be born or named by an english speaker.

Are Near and Mello friends?

Mello (メロ, Mero), real name Mihael Keehl (ミハエル・ケール, Mihaeru Kēru), is Near’s rival. He is the eldest of L’s two successors, raised at Wammy’s House—Watari’s orphanage for gifted children in Winchester, England, he is also Matt’s friend who is the 3rd successor.

Is Matt Mello canon?

In canon Mello and Matt are partners who work together, so this pairing is an example of buddyslash, building off themes of friendship in direct contrast to the enemyslash of the L/Light pairing.

Why do people call Ryuzaki?

12 The Origin Of L’s Nickname When L introduces himself to the NPA, he urges them to call him Ryuzaki to further hide his identity. The name Ryuzaki actually came from another child from Wammy’s House, the orphanage that raises genius children and L’s successors, Near and Mello.

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