How do I contact haband?

Contact Customer Service You can send an e-mail to [email protected] We generally can respond to you within 1 to 2 business days. You can call our service line at 1-800-213-1220. Standard service line hours are 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (Eastern), Monday-Friday.

What kind of store is haband?

Haband General Information Retailer and distributor of catalog and online apparel and accessories retail intended for men and women.

How do I cancel an order on haband?

Changes to your order or Canceling Your Order If you would like to make a change, call Customer Service at 1-800-213-1220.

What is the phone number for Blair catalog?

Please call us at 1-800-458-6057. In you call, please include your Customer Identification number and the Source Code listed on each catalog.

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Is Blair a good company?

Blair has a consumer rating of 1.78 stars from 65 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Blair most frequently mention customer service, credit card and free shipping problems. Blair ranks 202nd among General Apparel sites.

Is Blair going out of business?

— Blair LLC, its parent company, and numerous other subsidiaries, have filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. A chapter 11 debtor usually proposes a plan of reorganization to keep its business alive and pay creditors over time.”

What is the meaning of Blair?

Blair is an English-language name of Scottish Gaelic origin. The surname is derived from any of the numerous places in Scotland called Blair, derived from the Scottish Gaelic blàr, meaning “plain”, “meadow” or “field”.

Did Blair stop selling home goods?

Home Store Closed! To our loyal Blair Home customers, THANK YOU for shopping with us over the years. GOOD NEWS – this doesn’t have to be goodbye because you can still find all your favorite Women’s and Men’s clothing styles at BLAIR.COM.

Is Blair and Fingerhut the same company?

The company, whose other catalogs include brands such as Gettington, Appleseed’s and Blair, has a history dating back to Fingerhut’s founding in 1948. Fingerhut has gone through several owners, including notorious Ponzi schemer Tom Petters.

What happened to Blair clothing?

Blair is now a part of a larger group of companies known as Bluestem Brands that together can better serve shoppers like you with exceptional merchandise at value prices. Blair company headquarters are still located in the small town of Warren, Pennsylvania.

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Are Blair and Old Pueblo Traders the same company?

Appleseed’s , Blair, Old Pueblo Traders, and Drapers are part of Bluestem Brands. These Website Terms of Use govern your use of our websites,,, (the “Websites”).

Are Blair clothes true to size?

I buy all my clothes at this website, Their sizes are true to size and I have never had to return anything because it did not fit. Their prices are really good and they have specials all the time.

Do Blair clothes run large?

I recently purchased my first clothing from Blair. I found that they ran larger than brick and mortar stores, but a tad smaller than QVC. If I was in between sizes in QVC clothing, I would probably order the larger size.

Are appleseeds and Blair the same company?

Appleseed’s Topco Inc. has completed its acquisition of Blair Corp. and turned it into a subsidiary. Blair will continue to operate from its headquarters in Warren, PA. The combined companies have annual revenues in excess of $1.1 billion.

Where are Blair clothes manufactured?

Blair has no manufacturing facilities of its own. The company maintains a merchandise distribution center and a mail processing plant in Irvine, Pennsylvania, close to its administrative headquarters in Warren.

What is the meaning of name Avery?

The name Avery is an English and French name meaning “ruler of elves.” It’s derived from the Anglo-Saxon name Alfred and the Ancient Germanic name Alberich.

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Is Blair Scottish or Irish?

Scottish and northern Irish: habitational name from any of the numerous places in Scotland called Blair, named with Scottish Gaelic blàr (genitive blàir) ‘plain’, ‘field’, especially a battlefield (Irish blár).

Does Blair sell bedding?

Bedspreads – Cotton, Floral & Ruffled Bedspreads | Blair | Bed spreads, Chenille bedspread, Vintage bed.

Does Blair sell curtains?

Blair Damask Floral Curtains Jacquard Drapes Grommet Top Panels (Set of 2) The curtains have a damask Floral pattern on either side in matching colors. Give your home décor the upgrade it needs with the classic jacquard panel pair featuring a beautiful jacquard paisley design.

What does Bluestem Brands make?

Bluestem Brands combines Northstar, a Fintech, and Orchard Brands a direct-to-consumer retailer of fashion. Bluestem is headquartered in Eden Prairie, MN and employees approximately 1,700 employees throughout the country.

Is Bluestem Brands still in business?

After much back and forth Bluestem Brands Inc. has been acquired out of bankruptcy by its lenders – led by Cerberus Capital Management.

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