How do you convert 0.6666666 to a fraction?

Multiply both sides of the multiplication sentence by 10. Therefore 2/3 is fraction from a recurring number 0.6666666…..

What is .666 repeating as a fraction?

Answer: 0.6 repeating as a fraction is equal to 2/3. Let’s check. Explanation: 6 repeating means that the number 6 is recurring in this situation. 0.6666666…….

How do you turn .2 into a fraction?

Answer: 0.2 when converted into a fraction is 1/5. Then, this fraction can be simplified. In this case, 0.2 has one number after the decimal, so, we place 10 in the denominator and remove the decimal point.

Is 0.666 repeating a irrational number?

-0.666 is a terminating decimal. So it can be written in p/q form. Hence, it is a rational number and a real number.

How do you turn .06 into a fraction?

Answer: . 06 as a fraction is equal to 3/50. To get rid of the decimal point, one can use the method of dividing and multiplying the decimal by 100.

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What is .444444 as a fraction?

Answer: 0.4 repeating as a fraction can be written as 4/9 in fractions. Let’s understand the solution in detail.

How do you write 80% as a decimal?

80% can be thought of as 80% of one. Percents also refer to numbers out of 100, thus, our decimal can be calculated by taking 80/100. This would result in 8/10 after simplifying, which is equivalent to 0.8.

How do I write .4 as a fraction?

So if you wanted to turn the whole number four into a fraction, you would start by turning it into the fraction 4/1.

What is 4.45 as a mixed number?

Then, write the fraction in simplest form. The GCF of 45 and 100 is 5. 4.45 is written as 4920 in simplest form.

What is 0.222 repeating as a fraction?

0.2222… is equal to the fraction with 2 in its numerator (since that’s the single number after the decimal point that’s repeating over and over again) and 9 in its denominator. In other words, 0.2222… = 2/9.

What is 0.1 as a fraction or mixed number?

0.1 as a fraction in simplest form is 1/10. For this answer, you simply have to replace the point with 10 in the denominator.

What is 0.875 in its simplest form?

You can calculate 0.875 as a fraction with just a few steps, leading you to its simplest form will give you the fraction 7/8.

How do you write 45% as a decimal?

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Remember that the decimal point is located between the ones and the tenths place. 45% is written as 0.45.

How do you get 0.4 repeating?

We first let 0.4 (4 being repeated) be x . Since x is recurring in 1 decimal places, we multiply it by 10. Next, we subtract them. Lastly, we divide both sides by 9 to get x as a fraction.

What is .2121 repeating as a fraction?

The fraction is 1733 1 7 33 . To convert 0.2121 repeating into a fraction we multiply by 100 to get the first set of repeating numbers to the left of the decimal.

Is 2.75 a real number?

Rational numbers are numbers that can be written as a ratio of two integers. You can locate these points on the number line. In the following illustration, points are shown for 0.5 or , and for 2.75 or . As you have seen, rational numbers can be negative.

Is .666666666 a rational number?

36666666667 and 10000000000 are both integers, so 3.6666666667 is a rational number. The remember the definition of a rational number, think “rational.” An irrational number is one that cannot be expressed as a ratio of two distinct integers.

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