How does Elena get turned into a vampire?

Trapped under water, Elena sacrifices her life to save Matt’s, just as her father had sacrificed his life to save Elena the night Stefan rescued her from her family’s submerged car. When Elena died, she had the vampire blood in her system, meaning that Elena is now a vampire.

Why does Elena choose Stefan in season 3?

McQueen) in episode 19, “[Stefan’s] love is pure; he’ll always be good for her. And ultimately, she chose Stefan. Because, as she told Damon, “No matter what I feel for you, I never unfell for him,” a line that acknowledged her feelings for both brothers and allowed viewers to understand her decision.

How old is Elena Gilbert in real life?

10 Elena Gilbert/ Nina Dobrev: 32, Dating, 5’5”, Capricorn. Nina Dobrev started filming The Vampire Diaries at just 20 but is now a grown 32-year-old woman.

What episode does Elena wake?

In the finale of the sixth season, Kai linked Elena to Bonnie’s life by magic. Elena will only wake up when Bonnie dies in around 60 years.

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Did Damon and Elena have kids?

And yes, the show later confirmed that Damon and Elena have multiple children – Jenna, Sarah Lillian and a son, Grayson.

Who ends up together in vampire Diaries?

Instead, The Vampire Diaries series finale reunited Damon and Elena, and Stefan died saving everyone. The original ending of The Vampire Diaries hasn’t been much of a secret. Plec revealed in 2017 they had a solid ending planned since season 2.

How old is Damon Stefan?

At the time of his death, Stefan was 171 years old. Despite being so old, neither Damon nor Stefan showed it because they were vampires – and so, they remained 25 and 18 years old, respectively, for their entire lives. But their immortality only went so far, evidenced by Stefan’s death.

When did Elena fall out of love with Stefan?

In season 3 when Klaus and Stefan had left, Elena fought for them, she fought so hard to get him back even though he pushed her away, she never gave up on him, during that time she was vulnerable and needed someone to support her, the only one next to her was Damon, Elena struggled to fight her feelings for him for a …

Who plays Elena season 8?

Casting. On January 26, 2017, it was announced that Nina Dobrev would return as Elena Gilbert in the series finale. At the end of the episode, “It’s Been a Hell of a Ride” on February 24, 2017, it was revealed that Dobrev would reprise her role of Katherine Pierce as well.

Who dated on vampire Diaries in real life?

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Shortly after Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder met on The Vampire Diaries, they began dating in 2010. However, after three years together, the pair called it quits but their characters stayed together on the series. Somerhalder and Dobrev remain friends.

How long is Elena in a coma?

Kai puts Elena in the coma in I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summertime which takes place June 23, 2013. She does not wake up until just before May 2019, when Bonnie somehow finds a way of breaking the spell. This puts the time that Elena was in the coma at 6 years give or take, as mentioned above.

Will there be a season 9 of Vampire Diaries?

Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries has a total of 16 episodes, and it premiered on October 21, 2016, and was completed on March 10, 2017. The Vampire Diaries Season 9 has long been anticipated by fans of the show. The show has not yet been renewed!

Do Stefan and Elena get back together in season 8?

Elena is only in the final episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 8, but she’s still able to reunite with Stefan during the last few minutes of the series.

When did Damon first fall in love with Elena?

Damon admitted his love for Elena in The Vampire Diaries season 2, episode 8, “Rose”, when he returned Elena’s vervain necklace to her.

What episode does Elena and Damon kiss?

Elena kisses and embraces Damon in “The Heart of Darkness” Season 3 Episode 19 before Jeremy interrupts them. Other Damon/Elena scenes from the same episode: Elena and Damon Motel –

Did Stefan and Elena have a baby?

Indeed, Stefanie Salvatore — as referenced during a Season 1 episode of The CW’s Legacies — is the daughter of Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore, named in loving memory of the late, great Stefan.

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What was the ending of Vampire Diaries?

In the end, Damon manages to dagger his former lover, but it’s the newly human Stefan who actually foils Katherine’s plans, when he sacrifices himself to prevent her from escaping the hellfire.

Why does Elena pick Damon?

But when she turned vampire, by Damon’s blood, and as we know from the series that elana is sired by Damon because he was as a vampire she had left all her suffering behind in her human form. And that Damon made her passionate about the thing they had. So she chooses Damon instead of Stefan .

Do Stefan and Elena get back together in season 7?

Elena chose Stefan all the times , and even beeing with Damon she had dubies , and that is because her love for Stefan is the strongest feeling that she has . Stefan and Elena will be back together in season 7 after Elena gets Stefan’s humanity back with her kiss and telling him how much she does love him …

Do Stefan and Elena get back together in season 5?

New evils, new relationships and new settings have been introduced. But all that will be cast aside in episode 18 when Stefan and Elena are romantically reunited. Yes, that’s right – Stelena is back!

Why did Elena leave TVD?

Elena Gilbert was played by Nina Dobrev, whose storyline wrapped up in season 6. Dobrev’s departure from the series has been a long-debated topic. Why exactly did Dobrev want to leave The Vampire Diaries? In the post, she explains that she always wanted Elena’s story to be a “six-season adventure.”

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