How is cleetus McFarland so rich?

But his main job is YouTube, so that’s where he gets his money from. YouTube ad income of $900,000: Cleetus has an average viewership of 750,000 views per video, propelling him to the top of the automotive YouTuber ranking.

Does cleetus McFarland have a girlfriend?

Cleetus McFarland on Instagram: “Happy birthday to my most beautiful girlfriend @Kay_caputo! Love you ❤️️😎🇺🇸 #kaylafromyoutube”

How much is TJ Hunt worth?

With a net worth over $2.5 million, TJ can be seen as a model example of how to succeed in business. Kind of ironic considering that he was studying business while in school, and his peers are now looking towards him for guidance and inspiration. TJ Hunt built his net worth in a very smart and strategic way.

What does Omi in a Hellcat net worth?

What is Omi in a Hellcat’s net worth? As per ExactNetWorth, Omi in a Hellcat’s net worth is a hefty estimated amount of $50 million. A percentage of his fortune can be credited to his YouTube channel, where he’s expected to earn around $500 in a day.

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What is Jake Paul’s net worth?

Jake Paul and Logan Paul net worth in 2022 According to the Celebrity Net Worth site, Logan Paul’s net worth is $35 million, while Jake Paul’s is $30 million.

What is Shmee worth?

Based on the above data, I estimate Shmee150’s net worth to be approximately $15 million. As I noted several times already, my estimates for Shmee’s income and expenses are just that: estimates!

How much is vice grip garage worth?

Bieri’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. This includes his assets, money and income. His primary source of income is his career as a YouTuber.

What does do it for Dale mean?

The headline is “Doin’ it for Dale.” Now according to the Urban Dictionary, ‘Doing it for Dale’ means pretty much anything having to do with cars, and specifically mentions burnouts. Here you’ve got an automobile on a dirt country road. Not just any auto, mind you, a hearse.

Who owns the Freedom Factory?

It was the brainchild of YouTuber Cleetus McFarland—real name Garrett Mitchell—who regularly entertains his 2.3 million followers with wild dispatches from a converted race track dubbed the Freedom Factory.

Who is the owner of 1320 video?

Naturally, street racing videos migrated over, and 1320Video joined the fray in 2006. 10 years later, Kyle Loftis, founder of 1320Video, watched his YouTube channel reach 1-million subscribers, a mega accomplishment on the video sharing site, one that any media company would be proud of.

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How much is DDE worth?

Based on his income, assets, and all the things he owes money on, I estimate that his net worth is around $2.5 million.

What is Goonzquad net worth?

Here’s Who The Goonzquad Brothers Are And How They Amassed A $2 Million Net Worth. The Goonzquad Brothers are gaining traction as some of the most popular YouTubers in the auto industry.

Who is Omar Carrasquillo?

Local YouTuber charged by FBI in one of the largest cable TV piracy cases ever. Bill Omar Carrasquillo, known to online fans as “Omi in a Hellcat,” built a multimillion-dollar illegal streaming empire, authorities say. Now, they aim to convict him and seize millions in assets.

How much does Erika costell make a year?

Erika Costell’s annual income is over $ 300,000. She also makes a lot from the YouTube channel where she has millions of fans following.

How much money does Tanner Fox make?

As of 2022, Tanner Fox’s net worth is roughly $6 million. Tanner Fox is a professional scooter rider and YouTube vlogger with over 7 million followers across all social media platforms. He has a whopping 4.7 million subscribers on YouTube while 2.3m followers on the photo-sharing website, Instagram.

Does Shmee have a girlfriend?

Shmee150 Girlfriend The car lover, collector, and car vlogger has introduced his girlfriend on his YouTube channel. She is called MsShmee.

Why does Tim Burton call himself Shmee?

Where did the name ‘Shmee150’ come from? Shmee was a name I started using for websites back in the days of 28k dial-up internet when I was around 9-10 years old, it stuck and has stayed with me around websites, online computer games and all sorts since.

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Who is supercar Blondie net worth?

In 2020, Alex Hirschi was estimated to have a net worth of $15 million, but that number has now grown to $17 million. According to an analysis by SocialBlade, she racks up a daily average of around 460,000 views on YouTube and has accumulated over 570 million total views on her channel.

Where does Cleetus McFarland work?

As many of you know, my full time job is with 1320Video, the most epic street car media production company on the planet! Big shout out to my boss Kyle Loftis, he’s done so much for me over the years…. Even though his ZR-1 is slow, he’s the best boss ever!

How did Cleetus McFarland get started?

The Cleetus McFarland persona was an “on-the-spot” creation during an automotive event he was filming at in 2015. He took on a redneck-style accent (with the clothing to match) during a segment involving a highly modified Camaro, and the rest was history.

Is Vice Grip Garage moving to Tennessee?

Yes, a guy is in fact moving to Tennessee. Will take us 1-2 months to get settled as we’re transitioning 3 shops, and multiple storage areas.

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