How long does a smiley piercing last?

Tongue piercings are done with a large needle (10 to 14 gauge). Swelling and soreness tend to last for three to four weeks. A smiley piercing or tongue web piercing should heal in about four weeks if you’re healthy and do proper aftercare.

Are Smiley piercings uncomfortable?

While any piercing usually hurts some because you have a sharp needle passing through sensitive tissue, a smiley piercing isn’t nearly as painful as some other piercings. Smiley piercings are in a sensitive area, but you also have to remember the frenulum is a very thin strip of skin.

Can you kiss with a smiley piercing?

During the initial healing, you cannot kiss with a smiley piercing. Once your piercing has healed you can kiss as much as you like. All types of kissing could potentially cause your smiley piercing to have issues while healing. The pressure from the lips may knock the piercing which shouldn’t be moved during healing.

Do Smiley piercings get infected easily?

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Getting a smiley piercing comes with even more risks than your typical piercing simply because of the location. Aside from the potential for infection, Healthline notes that gum and enamel damage are also potential risks as the jewelry could cause friction against your gums or teeth.

Can you flip a smiley piercing?

Piercings can easily heal in a curve, owing to the curved jewellery, making it rather difficult to put in an straight bar after the event. If in doubt always consult a piercer. If you wear a horseshoe (circular barbell) in said piercing, you should be able flip the jewellery upwards so that no-one can see it.

What is a Ashley piercing?

“An Ashley piercing is a single piercing that goes directly through the center of the bottom lip, exiting through the back of the lip,” says Kynzi Gamble, a professional piercer at Ink’d Up Tattoo Parlor in Boaz, AL. An Ashley piercing is a bit more involved, as they’re pierced according to your anatomy.

How big does your frenulum have to be to get a smiley?

Jewelry for Smiley Piercings This is the only type of piercing that we advocate the use of jewelry as small as 18 gauge. An 18 or 16 gauge CBR that is very small around – usually 1/2 inch – is all this delicate area can really handle. Healing is pretty quick – about four weeks max for a healthy non-smoker.

Can you wear a retainer with a smiley piercing?

The simple answer is yes, take the smiley out before you do damage that leads to very expensive and painful dental care. See the answer from Helen Jeannette for details why.

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What is the Medusa piercing?

A medusa piercing is located right above the cupid’s bow in the indented part of your upper lip. “While decorative terms for lip piercings (like Monroe, Madonna, Marilyn, and the Medusa piercing) sound cool and catchy, they are technically and professionally all just considered lip piercings,” notes Pearce.

Why is smiley piercing crooked?

A new piercing shouldn’t look crooked when you leave the piercing shop. But over the coming week, swelling can make the piercing look askew. Swelling is a natural response to piercings as your body begins to heal. As the swelling fades, the piercing should return to normal.

What can you not eat after a smiley piercing?

We recommend staying away from all whitening products until your piercings are fully healed. Also it is recommended to stay away from alcohol while healing, but especially beer because the yeast will cause a lot of swelling. Be sure to rinse your mouth out after smoking. Avoid spicy or excessively salty food.

Why is there white stuff on my smiley piercing?

It is comprised of serous exudates (lymph, dead cells, and interstitial fluid [liquid from between cells]). Never pick at it! In wet areas, the secretion will still develop but won’t dry, so you may see it emerging from a piercing. If the “white stuff” is a solid, then chances are it is scar tissue.

Does your frenulum grow back?

If the frenulum is completely cut, then it cannot regrow . Hard patches of skin can form in the area as scar tissue. If the frenulum tear is not a complete cut, it will heal. However, it can increase the risk of a future tear.

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What size are Smiley piercings?

Upper Lip Frenulum (a.k.a. smiley, scrumper) Piercing The jewelry that is typically worn in this piercing initially will be 18 gauge (1mm) to 16 gauge (1.2mm) in thickness and includes small diameter circular barbells, such as horseshoe rings, segment rings, or captive rings.

Are Smiley piercings halal?

Tongue piercing is haraam, because you can get cancer, get ill of it. A smiley piercing, it’s first time I hear of it, but if it has same affect like the tongue, or if it can damage you etc. it will be haraam as well, and if it is a custom of the kuffaar that you are imitation, it’s not allowed either.

What is an angel kiss piercing?

The angel kiss piercing is a surface piercing that goes through the middle of the bottom lip and out the bottom of the lip.

What is a Libra piercing?

The labret piercing is so popular that lip studs are most commonly called labret studs. Centrally located slightly below the bottom lip, the labret piercing consists of a single puncture, swiftly perforated with a needle. We love the labret piercing, but its location elicits unique risks that you need to be aware of.

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