How long have Ryan McCartan and Samantha?

Since October 2017, he has been dating Samantha Fekete with whom he runs a YouTube channel called Sam & Ryan. On July 29, 2014, McCartan revealed in a tweet that he has suffered from diabetes since age six.

Did Hannah get fired from Hi5?

As of December 2020, Hannah has been fired from Hi5 studios for performance issues, as she did not fit within the newer standards Matt set for his employees.

What happened to CJ from Battle Universe?

Christopher James “C.J.” Osorio was a cameraman and producer for various channels at Hi5 Studios. CJ was ‘let go’ from Hi5 around December 30th 2020 for performance issues, as he did not fit within the newer standards Matt set for his employees.

How did Ryan Mccartan and Samantha meet?

We first caught sight of the two spending time together when they went to Disneyland together in September. At this point, they could have totally been just friends – but things progressed more and more over the next two months. SO MUCH DISNEY MAGIC.

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What happened to Woods from Hi5 studios?

Woods now lives in his own apartment. He vlogged the process and put a couple videos up on his channel about the move.

Did Ryan and Sam break up?

Ryan is the second person to marry Sam Jones, following Steven Carrington. He is also the second person to break up with him, but unlike Steven, they got annulled rather than divorced.

Why did Ryan McCartan leave Heathers?

McCartan was in a very public relationship that ended due to his treatment of his then-fiancée. The fact is that McCartan made this woman uncomfortable enough in their relationship to leave it. Because of that, his casting does not sit well with fans of Wicked, and a lot of the community in general.

Is Ryan McCartan in frozen?

Ryan McCartan, who made his Broadway debut as Fiyero in Wicked, stepped into the role of Hans, succeeding Joe Carroll. …

Is Connor still with Hi5?

His final position at Hi5 was solely working for Get Good Gaming as a co-producer alongside Paul. They had many plans to expand the channel before the channels cancellation was announced on April 13th, 2021. With leaving Hi5, Connor is now a talent member of Team Edge once again, appearing in videos very frequently.

Is Team Edge still part of Hi5?

After 2 years as a Hi5 Studios production, Matthias made the decision to stop producing Team Edge under Hi5 Studios, and instead make Team Edge their own separate division under Omneity Inc. Team Edge officially moved out of Red Base on July 17th of 2018 and have been producing videos in their new office since then.

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Who is the CEO of Hi5 studios?

Matthias is the CEO of Hi5 Studios and he shares an inside look into the life at Hi5 with splashes of mystery and excitement.

Is Battle Universe Cancelled?

The End of Battle Universe “How I made the Battle Universe theme song”- @michaelbadal While this is true, Matthias has ALSO said that it was not because of COVID, but that the channel has ran its course and it was going through a burnout.

Is Ryan McPartlin married?

Personal life. McPartlin is a certified personal trainer. He has been married to former actress Danielle Kirlin, whom he met at the University of Illinois, since October 26, 2002, and has two sons. McPartlin’s hobbies include scuba diving, tennis, snowboarding, and racquetball.

When was Dove Cameron engaged?

Dove Cameron has been involved in two highly publicized relationships throughout her career. She got engaged to Ryan McCartan in 2016 but called it quits just a few months after the engagement. She was also in a relationship with Thomas Doherty but the duo parted ways last year.

Who is Ryan McCartan in Heathers?

Ryan McCartan, who was seen as JD in the original cast of Off-Broadway’s Heathers: The Musical, makes his Broadway debut in Wicked beginning September 11 at the Gershwin Theatre. McCartan steps into the role of Fiyero; he succeeds Curt Hansen, who gave his final performance September 9.

How did Ryan McCartan and Dove Cameron meet?

Ryan and Dove met while they were costars on Liv and Maddie and in a now-deleted YouTube video, Ryan explained how he and Dove got close during their time in the show. He said they first met during the audition process, and there was an instant spark. “I got an audition for a silly little role on a silly new TV show.

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What companies Matthias own?

He is the owner of a holding company, Omneity Inc, which is a parent company to his startups such as Spellbound Inc., Spark, Hi5 Independent, Chill Records, and Hi5 Toys, as well as being a partial owner of Team Edge.

Who has been fired from Hi5 studios?

As of December 2020, Patrick has been fired from Hi5 studios for performance issues, as he did not fit within the newer standards Matt set for his employees.

How old is Matthias?

Matthew Fredrick (born: September 20, 1988 (1988-09-20) [age 33]), better known online as Matthias, is American YouTuber best known for his series DOPE or NOPE, where he and his office mates review products comedically.

Does Fallon marry Scorpio?

As the group tries to put the pieces together, it is revealed that the person Fallon married was named Scorpio and he was a stripper. Soon, they finally reach the club Scorpio works in the following day but it is revealed that it was Sam who got married to Scorpio, not Fallon. And reveals his name to be Ryan.

Who does Sam end up with in Dynasty?

He is openly gay and travels to the US for Celia’s wedding to the millionaire Blake Carrington. Sam would later be married to Steven Carrington; however, their relationship would eventually crumble, and they would divorce.

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