How much did David Jason make from Only Fools and Horses?

As for Del Boy himself, David Jason was paid £100,000 per episode – or £169,000 in today’s money. Nicholas Lyndhurst, who played brother Rodney, was believed to have earned a similar amount per episode as his star power had increased significantly since its debut in 1981.

How did David Dickinson make his money?

After his time behind bars, he set up business again but the shop closed in 1991 and he turned his hand to antiques, selling 18th and 19th century furniture and works of art at prestigious fairs. David is believed to be worth in the region of £2million thanks to his lucrative TV work.

How rich is Catherine Zeta Jones?

As of 2021, Catherine Zeta-Jones’s estimated net worth is a whopping $150 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

How much is Del Boys flat worth?

So, how much Del Boy and Rodney Trotter’s flat in Peckham would be worth today? According to research conducted last year, which compared TV property values around the UK, the Trotter family’s pad in Peckham, South London, would be worth around £497,000, or £644 per square foot.

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Does Del Boy end up rich?

First screened on 29 December 1996, it was the final episode of that year’s Christmas trilogy and the fifteenth Christmas special overall. It attracted a television audience of 24.3 million, a record for a British sitcom. In the episode, the Trotters finally become millionaires.

How much money did Uncle Albert leave Del and Rodney?

According to his will, Albert wanted to give his enlarged share of the fortune to his nephews, leaving them with £145,000 each.

Who are the experts on Dickinson’s Real Deal?

Who are the Dickinson’s Real Deal dealers? The Dickinson’s Real Deal episode airing Friday, June 28th 2019 saw David Dickinson and his team head to Newport, South Wales. The dealers in tow included David Ford, Mark Stevens, Jan Keyne, and Tony Geering.

What is Douglas net worth?

Douglas has a net worth of $350 million, built over nearly 50 years as an A-list star. He won a best actor Oscar for his portrayal of ruthless financier Gordon Gekko in “Wall Street” in 1987, and he also previously took home a statuette as a producer of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” in 1975.

How old was David Jason when he had his last child?

In 2001 David and his then future-wife Gill Hincliffe, who was 41-years-old at the time, welcomed their daughter Sophie Mae Jason.

Was David Jason a twin?

David was born in 1940 to parents Olwen and Arthur in Edmonton, London. A little-known fact about David is that he was born as a twin, though his brother was tragically stillborn.

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How did David Jason meet his wife?

The couple had first meet when Gill became a production assistant with Yorkshire TV in 1989. When asked about the wedding ceremony Gill revealed: it “was intimate and romantic. Some of the guests didn’t even know. It was a very low-key surprise”.

Has David Jason smoked?

When Jason was cast as Detective Inspector Jack Frost, the character had to be cleaned up from the books, where Frost was a chain smoker, but Jason recently gave up smoking.

What car does David Jason drive?

READ MORE. They said the car become an “icon” of the show, with die-cast models sold after the show was initially aired. H & H Classic said: “Pop Larkin’s (David Jason) beloved Rolls-Royce 20hp Park Ward Laundalette that starred in ITV’s ‘The Darling Buds of May’ made £63,000 at the H&H sale in Duxford.

Are David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst friends?

Both Nicholas and David have gone on to further their careers in acting for shows such as Goodnight Sweetheart (Nicholas) and A Touch of Frost (David), but the two have kept a friendship even 17 years after the final episode.

How old is Rodney Trotter?

This is confirmed when Rodney’s birth is shown in “Rock & Chips”. However some episodes of Only Fools and Horses do not support this; in “Big Brother”, 1981, Rodney states to Del that he is 23 years of age, which would make his year of birth 1957 or 1958.

How much is the Trotters flat worth?

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How much Del Boy and Rodney Trotter’s flat in Peckham would be worth today? According to research conducted last year, which compared TV property values around the UK, the Trotter family’s pad in Peckham, South London, would be worth around £497,000, or £644 per square foot.

How did Del and Rodney lose their money?

Plot. The episode opens with Del Boy and Rodney explaining their latest holiday to a barrister. Later, Del learns that the Central American stock market has crashed, meaning the Trotters have lost all their money.

Where did Rodney live Del Boy?

Derek “Del Boy” Trotter (played by David Jason), a South London “fly” trader, lives in a council flat in a high-rise tower block, Nelson Mandela House, in Peckham, South London, with his much younger brother, Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst), and their elderly grandad (Lennard Pearce).

Do the Trotters get rich again?

In the final episode, ‘Time On Our Hands’, we’d rejoiced as the Trotters finally became the millionaires they’d always dreamed of becoming thanks to a rare antique watch.

What did Rodney call his daughter?

Joan Trotter Jr. In the 2003 Christmas special, third and final chapter of the early 2000’s trilogy, and final episode of Only Fools and Horses, Rodney and Cassandra Trotter have a young daughter called Joan, who Rodney named after his late mother Joan.

Why is Rodney scared of Damien?

After Damien was born, Rodney refused to hold him or share a room with him. In episodes when Damien was a child, Rodney seemed more relaxed around him but his fear arose again when Damien became a handsome and popular teenager who delighted in tormenting Rodney.

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