How much do Pure Romance reps make?

How much does a Consultant make at Pure Romance in the United States? Average Pure Romance Consultant yearly pay in the United States is approximately $33,139, which is 55% below the national average.

When did Passion Parties become pure romance?

CINCINNATI, OH–(Marketwired – January 11, 2016) – America’s largest and fastest growing direct seller of intimacy products, Pure Romance, is now the leading provider in the United States and Canada with the acquisition of Passion parties and thousands of Consultants are expected to join the company.

What is a passion night?

Passion Nights is a vehicle through which we intend on mobilizing a blaze by building out dreams. Community, connection, support, or even a conversation about the right thing can move someone into motion.

Who is the CEO of Pure Romance?

As Pure Romance continued to grow, Patty was joined by her son, CEO & President Chris Cicchinelli, in 2000. Together, they’ve transformed Pure Romance into a $350 million company with 45,000 active Partners all over the world.

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Do men sell Pure Romance?

“Although Passion Parties has allowed men to become consultants, Pure Romance was founded on a business model that focused solely on women consultants,” said Jackie Reau, a spokeswoman for Pure Romance. “The female-only environment has enabled open communication and sharing,” the statement continued.

How much do you need to spend to stay active with Pure Romance?

If a Partner purchases a kit that does not include sellable inventory, then they must fulfill the $100 sales requirement within 60 days of their kit purchase to have active status.

How much does a Pure Romance senior consultant make?

Pure Romance Senior Consultants earn $70,000 annually, or $34 per hour, which is 26% lower than the national average for all Senior Consultants at $91,000 annually and 6% higher than the national salary average for ​all working Americans.

How many consultants does Pure Romance have?

According to the Company website, Pure Romance has 30,000 active consultants located in the United States, South Africa, Canada, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, and Australia.

What company did Pure Romance buy?

Pure Romance has purchased one of its top competitors to become the largest and fastest-growing direct seller of intimacy products in the nation. The Cincinnati-based firm purchased Passion Parties, a company with a similar consultant sales strategy, for an undisclosed price.

What is a passion project?

Passion projects are hobbies and activities people say they wanna get into if only they had time to spare. Some sources say that to be truly successful in something you have to eliminate all the activities that aren’t directly related to your goal.

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What does Pure Romance Love Story smell like?

Our Love Story fragrance blends sensual amber, warm vanilla, and soft rose petals in a creamy, cozy scent that lasts. Simply spray on your body anytime to feel confident and ready for whatever the day has in store. By subscribing, instead of paying USD $22.00 you will pay USD $19.80 saving you USD $2.20 per item.

Who is Chris Cicchinelli?

As CEO and President of Pure Romance, Chris Cicchinelli has achieved just that – not only as the strategist and engine behind one of the most successful woman-to-woman, direct-sales brands, but as an educator and motivator of its independent consultants around the globe, a passionate advocate for aspiring female …

What happened to slumber parties?

This business is no longer independent. Slumber Parties was bought out by Pure Romance. It was a great company to be a part of and there were lots of opportunities for self improvement.

What is a PR party?

Proportional representation (PR) characterizes electoral systems in which divisions in an electorate are reflected proportionately in the elected body. The number of votes for each list determines how many candidates from each party list are actually elected. Lists can be “closed” or “open”.

Does Pure Romance test on animals?

Pure Romance only allows the highest quality ingredients into the product line and does not test on animals.

How much does it cost to start selling Pure Romance?

Is there a minimum I need to sell to remain a Partner? We want to ensure our Partners are actively selling products to customers and engaged in the business, so we require sales of at least $100 at retail every two calendar months.

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How often do Pure Romance consultants get paid?

Payments are generally processed and funded on Wednesday (July 22 in the example above). Overrides and other bonus payments occur no later than the 10th of the following month. If the payout date falls on a weekend or holiday, it will be issued the next business day.

What is a romantic party?

Romantic Party is a simple one-button game where you get to show the attractive side of yourself and flirt with beautiful girls at the party.

Is Pure Romance worth selling?

My pay and benefits at Pure Romance are always amazing. The more woman you reach with sales, joining your team the more income , rewards, amazing girls you are helping for health wellness and benefits. You do not just sell the product you sell the benefits behind them. My experience working at Pure Romance is amazing.

Do I get a 1099 from Pure Romance?

A Pure Romance Consultant is considered an independent contractor and not an employee of Pure Romance. Pure Romance is required to issue a 1099-NEC (non-employee compensation) for any taxable value issued throughout the course of the calendar year 2020. …

Who is COO of a company?

The COO is the senior executive who has been given a job or a task for supervising the day-to-day managerial and operational function of a business. The COO focal point is to execute the business plans. The COO must help the company to effectively grow and ensure its financial strength.

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