How much does a PA E-ZPass cost?

E-ZPass For Individuals For individuals, the first transponder is $35, plus a $3 annual fee. Additional transponders on individual accounts are $38. The pre-paid option requires that you have money on your account and maintain money on account in order to pay for tolls as they are incurred.

Is there a monthly fee for E-ZPass PA?

Pennsylvania charges a $4 a month fee for printed statements for every three E-ZPass transponders a customer has. Account information is available on line for a limited time period. Pay me now. Drivers in several neighboring states have to pay for an E-Z Pass transponder on day one.

How do I check my E-ZPass balance?

The E-ZPass ® system maintains your usage and account balance. An account statement itemizing your toll usage and account balance will be sent to you through the mail or emailed to you. You may also check your account balance using our automated telephone system by calling 1-800-333-TOLL(8655).

Does Walmart sell E-ZPass in PA?

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‘With the addition of Walmart stores, there are now more than 300 Pennsylvania retail locations where customers can pick up an E-ZPass transponder. Customers who purchase a GoPak at Walmart must register their E-ZPass within 72 hours of picking it up at or by calling, toll-free, 877-736-6727.

Where can I purchase a PA E-ZPass?

Buy One Where You Already Shop 1 E-ZPass is available from the PTC E-ZPass Customer Service Center at 300 East Park Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17111. It is also available from participating retail locations.

Which state has the best E-ZPass program?

If you’re only looking for a single transponder, Delaware and New Hampshire are still your best options, if you plan to stay in the area for more than three years. Military families may consider purchasing a tag from West Virginia, which includes a $5 annual fee, but account minimums are low.

How do I purchase an Ipass?

You can open a new I-PASS account online at www., on the phone at 1-800-UC-IPASS (800-824- 7277), in person at a Customer Service Center or one of nearly 200 Jewel-Osco locations in Northern Illinois or by mail.

Can I use my E-ZPass in someone else’s car pa?

Yes, you may transfer a transponder between vehicles as long as they are of the same vehicle class. … Please be sure that all vehicles using the transponder are listed on your EZ Pass account.

How do I check if I owe tolls in NY?

Visit to check the status of your registration before driving your vehicle. Please contact the E-ZPass Customer Service Center to resolve outstanding toll violations.

How do I know if I have unpaid tolls in NY?

How can I check the status of a violation? Go to and click on Violations and follow the instructions. You will need your violation number and license plate number.

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How do I pay PA tolls?

Convenient options include payment online, through our mobile app, PA Toll Pay, by phone or mail. Payments can be made via check, money order or by credit card (i.e. Master Card, VISA, American Express and Discover).

Where can I buy a giant eagle E-ZPass in PA?

You can now get one at Giant Food Store. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission said as of March 2, Giant Food Stores and Martin’s Food Markets will offer E-ZPass transponder sales. The E-ZPass GoPak is available at the customer-service counter in 155 Giant stores in Pennsylvania.

Does giant sell E-ZPass in PA?

E-ZPass transponders are now for sale at Giant Food Stores and Martin’s Food Markets, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission said Monday. The supermarkets are the latest retailers to begin selling E-ZPass transponder “GoPaks,” the commission said. The GoPaks are for sale at the stores’ customer service counters.

What is GoPak transponder?

The E-ZPass GoPak allows Turnpike travelers to obtain an E-ZPass transponder that is ready to go. The transponder is usually mounted inside the vehicle’s windshield; it sends a unique signal to an overhead reader in the toll lane to classify the vehicle and deduct the appropriate toll from a pre-paid account.

How much does E-ZPass cost in NY?

It’s E-Z! Customers can stop at a participating retailer in NY State, excluding New York City and Long Island, and purchase a tag for $25. In NYC or Long Island, customers can stop at a participating retailer and purchase a tag for $30. Visit the E-ZPass ® web site Register your Tag* online or call 1-800-697-1554.

How do I pay a toll that I missed in PA?

If you receive an Unpaid Toll Notice or a Uniform Traffic Citation in the mail, you may call the Pennsylvania E-ZPass violation processing center at 877-877-5882 for details and instructions to pay. You can also pay Pennsylvania missed toll online.

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What if I forgot my E-ZPass transponder PA?

however What happens if I go through E-ZPass without? From now on, drivers who go through the E-ZPass lanes without a transponder will still get a bill in the mail, but they have 30 days in which to pay it. Failure to pay that bill means a $50 fine.

Is E-ZPass good in all states?

Now you can use your E-ZPass in toll-zapping booths in 14 states, a vast road-trip zone stretching from Virginia to Illinois to Maine. It’s all a compatible system, but different states set their own fees to issue the transponders and maintain your account. The toll is then automatically applied to your credit card.

Which E-ZPass plan is best NY?

E-ZPass Account Plans If you do not live in New York State then the best plan to choose is the Basic Plan, which requires a top up of $25 from your credit card. If you are a frequent traveler on NY toll roads, tunnels and bridges you must select a plan that best suits your travel needs.

How much does an I-PASS cost?

The I-Pass costs $30 to obtain along with a refundable deposit of $10. A further amount of $20 is to be deposited towards prepaid tolls. The minimum balance is $20 and the account auto-replenishes 10% of the average monthly usage or a minimum of $10. There is no annual fee for the I-Pass.

How much does an I-PASS transponder cost at Jewel?

*Customers who obtain a transponder at Jewel-Osco stores will pay a one-time $2.90 service fee. For more information, visit or call 1-800-UC-IPASS.

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