How old is Lynn Tanner?

She is the paternal niece of Neal Tanner, and the great-niece of Albert (Tanner?). She is the step-granddaughter of Whizzer, Dorothy’s new husband. She is first shown at age 15/16 and in the ending episode she is 19/20. Lynn Tanner was the eldest child of the Tanner family and their only daughter.

Who played Lynn Tanner?

Lynn Tanner was one of the main characters featured in the NBC sit-com ALF where she was played by actress Andrea Elson. Lynn was introduced in the original unaired pilot episode and then re-introduced for the initial broadcast episode, “A.L.F.”. The character appeared in all 103 episodes of the series.

What happened to Benji Gregory from ALF?

Benji Gregory Now He was transferred to Bremerton, WA and served onboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) from June 2004 to January 2005 in the Weather Office. He was discharged from the Navy in 2005 for medical reasons. His last known residences was in Arizona.

Did ALF have a crush on Lynn?

ALF is not happy – he was supposed to be redecorating his room with Lynn. And he also has a crush on Lynn, so he proceeds to sabotage Scott’s time with Lynn while trying to come up with something to impress her.

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Does ALF like Lynn?

She is first shown at age 14/15 and in the last episode she is 18/19. Lynn Tanner was the eldest child of the Tanner family and their only daughter. She was a shy girl whom ALF tried to make more extroverted. Gordon Shumway (Alf) had a crush on her and did a song for her.

Why was ALF Cancelled?

‘ALF’ was canceled because of what it was about Since the alien could only interact with members of his own family, there was a limited number of storylines that writers could create with that small cast of characters. “ALF could never go out,” creator Paul Fusco told People.

Why did the show ALF end?

“Project: ALF (1996), six years later, finally brought closure,” notes IMDb. “Due to poor writing and the absence of the original human cast, many fans reject the movie as part of the show’s canon.” Despite its sudden ending, ALF remains a favorite with audiences who grew up with the show.

Did ALF eat a cat?

Lucky (1978-1989) is the Tanner family pet in the ALF TV series. After Alf comes to live with the Tanner family, Lucky’s existence becomes somewhat more precarious, since cats are a culinary delicacy on Melmac. Once during a feeding frenzy, Alf is believed to have eaten Lucky, but he is later found.

Was Anne Schedeen pregnant on ALF?

She gives birth to Eric William Tanner in the season three episode, “Having My Baby” (Anne Schedeen was really pregnant during the series. However, she was pregnant with a girl in reality, which made the twin boys only her TV son.)

Is there a 5th season of ALF?

Unfortunately, ALF was cancelled and the series remains open-ended in syndication. Fusco says a one-hour special was planned to wrap up the series but there was a change in management at NBC and it never happened.

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How old was ALF?

Fusco defended the premise saying that “ALF is 285 years old, he can drink beer, he’s old enough.” However, as ALF became more popular with children, NBC told Fusco “you can’t have him drinking; the kids are watching, it’s a bad role model.”

What night did ALF air?

ALF: The Animated Series (also known as ALF on Melmac) is a 30-minute Saturday morning animated series that aired on NBC for 26 episodes from September 26, 1987, to January 7, 1989. ALF: The Animated Series was a prequel and animated spinoff of the prime time series ALF, which had also aired on NBC from 1986 to 1990.

Why did ALF eat cats?

The idea behind eating Lucky was a running gag for ALF, but he later realizes that when the Tanners demand ALF not do anything to their cat, he values their trust in him more than a meal. Willie Knows That ALF Eats Cats , but they keep the last one and Brian names him Lucky II.

Did ALF ever get back to Melmac?

Yes, they’re working on a reboot to bring ALF back, which means we finally have our answer to the question, “Did ALF make it back to Melmac?” Well, apparently he did, and series creators Tom Patchett and Paul Fusco are both onboard to prove it by bringing ALF back to Earth, where he finds himself part of a whole new …

What did ALF like to eat?

ALF Ate Cats Imagine, if you will, pitching a series starring a cute puppet whose main form of sustenance is cats. During the first season of the show, ALF explained to his adoptive family, the Tanners, that on his home planet of Melmac, cats were a delicacy. In fact, they were essentially raised like cattle.

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Did ALF drink beer?

We had to be real careful … in the pilot, ALF drinks a beer. He’s 200-something years old. We got flak about that,” Fusco recalls. ” [They said] ‘he’s a role model.

Why did ALF voice change?

This creates problems with aural continuity, because halfway through season one, Paul Fusco changed Alf’s voice from being deep and raspy to a higher, friendlier-sounding pitch; therefore, Alf’s voice in the flashbacks doesn’t quite match his voice in the new footage.

Where did the Tanners live in ALF?

The Tanners reside at 167 Hemdale in Los Angeles, California and their phone number is 555-4044. They own a 1982 Ford station wagon. Their next door neighbors are the Ochmoneks. Several people have wanted to stay or visit at the Tanners’ home, one of the most challenging obstacles for the family.

Who made the ALF puppet?

Any close-ups or talking shots of ALF were a puppet operated by the alien’s creator, Paul Fusco. The entire soundstage was built on a four-foot-high platform so that Fusco could sit underneath it and make ALF move and talk through one of the dozens of trap doors that were cut through the floor.

How was ALF controlled?

Series creator Paul Fusco provided ALF’s voice and operated the puppet. One puppet, controlled by two puppeteers, was used for all shots in which ALF was shown from the stomach up. Whenever ALF’s entire body, including feet, was visible, a puppet with a human inside it was used.

What did ALF drink?

ALF drank beer in the first season. The ALF character was 285 years old, and certainly entitled to pop open a bottle of suds on Earth. However, in reality, he was a fuzzy puppet adored by children. The network convinced Fusco to eliminate the alcohol consumption so as not to make ALF a bad role model.

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