Is Disney making an Iron Man 4?

At the moment there is no Iron Man 4 announced so if it happens it will likely not appear until probably 2024-2025, although there are a couple of major Iron Man spin-off projects for Disney Plus that will likely set up a new Iron Man for the MCU.

Is Tony Stark ever coming back?

Anyone who follows news about Marvel’s cinematic universe probably knows that Robert Downey Jr. has often made it clear that he has no intention to return to the role of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, after his character’s heroic death in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame.

Is Iron Man 3 the last one?

Iron Man 3, the end and the beginning It’s the final film in the Iron Man series (and the first complete trilogy in the MCU), and the first film to take place after The Avengers. The film picks up one year after the events of the battle of New York.

Who is next Black Panther?

The tragic death of Chadwick Boseman in August 2020 left a vacancy in the Black Panther cast, and Winston Duke – M’Baku – has been trusted by Marvel to be the next Black Panther, as per Giant Freakin Robot.

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Can vision come back?

The physical body of the original Vision that was turned into a weapon, seemingly was given all the memories of Vision in the end. He flew off for parts unknown. He is, in many ways, the real Vision, and since he is out there, he can certainly reappear at some point.

Is there a Avengers 5?

In the time since — despite a wealth of scheduling changes and subsequent movies and shows being confirmed and released — there’s been no mention of an Avengers 5. Whatever shape Avengers 5 takes, it’s unlikely it will feature many of the OG Avengers given the events of Avengers: Endgame.

Who will be next Iron Man?

According to reports, a new superhero named Iron Woman or Ironheart will be joining the sequel. Dominic Thorne will play the role of Riri Williams and she is as smart and creative as RDJ’s Tony Stark.

Can I skip Iron Man 3?

Iron Man 3 (2013). Downey’s cocky industrialist Tony Stark deals with some of the emotional fallout of The Avengers but you can pretty much SKIP this one.

Did Tony Stark quit Iron Man?

With the help of Rhodey (Don Cheadle), Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), and his new friend Harley Keener (Ty Simpkins), Tony overcame his demons and defeated Killian, which is a very typical ending for an MCU movie, but at the end of it, Tony made the decision of reducing his time as Iron Man and had the shrapnel piece …

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Will the Mandarin be in Iron Man 4?

The MCU might have canceled plans for Mandarin to be in Iron Man, but the desire for him to be in the universe never died. The movie controversially promoted Ben Kingsley as Mandarin only to reveal he was a failed and drunken actor hired by Aldrich Killian to play the part of a global terrorist.

Who replaces Chadwick?

Chadwick Boseman’s character T’Challa was not recast after his tragic death in 2020 from colon cancer. Marvel chose not to replace Boseman for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, aka Black Panther 2. Instead, they have reportedly shifted the focus of the story to his sister Shuri (Letitia Wright).

Can Killmonger come back?

Killmonger may have chosen death over bondage in Black Panther, but a new report suggests he will return in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever with an entirely new role. According to a report by ScreenGeek, Killmonger will return for Wakanda Forever in the Ancestral Plane, serving as a mentor to a “young hero.”

Is Black Panther 2 Cancelled?

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has announced that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has officially shut down production for the foreseeable future.

Can Deadpool lift Thor’s hammer?

Deadpool once lifted Thor’s hammer and was surprisingly revealed to be worthy of Mjolnir – but not everything was as it appeared to be. After Thor’s hammer gets knocked out of his hands from an explosion, Deadpool decides to pick it up and transform into his own version of the God of Thunder.

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Who is the strongest Avenger?

Thor is by far the strongest member of the original team considering he is the literal God. He gained a major boost in power following the events of Thor: Ragnarok after losing Mjolnir and learning that his hammer wasn’t the source of his strength.

Is Vision still dead?

In “Avengers: Infinity War,” Shuri in Wakanda tried to figure out a way to safely detach the stone from Vision without destroying his mind. She didn’t succeed in time, and Thanos killed Vision by violently yanking the stone out of his forehead.

Is Tony Stark dead?

Joe and Anthony Russo recalled Robert Downey Jr’s reaction when he got to know about the death of Tony Stark aka Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame. Iron Man eventually laid down his life to bring back half the humanity and decimate the Mad Titan Thanos and his army, by snapping his finger in Endgame.

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