Is Ky good for lubricant?

K-Y brand products have provided effective lubrication and moisturization for millions of couples and are safe when used as directed.” Right now, the Food & Drug Administration doesn’t typically require testing of personal lubricants in humans.

Can you use silicone oil as lube?

Because silicone oil is super slippery and minimally-reactive, it can lubricate most anything. It works especially well on porous items, such as plastic parts, but is a good lubricant on locks, hinges, and guns.

What does K-Y jelly do?

KY lubricants are intended to moisturize and lubricate to enhance the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity and supplement the body’s natural lubrication.

Why does K-Y jelly burn?

Parabens are added to many body products as a preservative, and glycerin is added to lubes to make them slippery. Some people are sensitive to one or both of these ingredients, and when people describe a “burning sensation” when using a particular type of lube, I often suggest trying a brand that’s paraben-free.

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Is saliva good for lubrication?

07/8​Saliva does not make for a good lube Ultimately, even if the mere consistency of saliva is kept in mind, it isn’t actually a good lube. It is more watery than slippery and dries pretty quickly. Secondly, there is no slickness in saliva, which increases the risk of wear and tear down there, due to friction.

Which is better oil or water-based lubricant?

Oil-based lubricants are easier to spread and you can cover more surface area with them. For the same reason they’re far messier than water-based lubricants and can stain sheets or clothing. Water-based lubricants on the other hand are cleaner than oil-based, leaving sheets mess free and minimal residue on the skin.

Is KY Jelly water-based?

KY Jelly is water-soluble and its main lubricating ingredients are glycerol (glycerine) and hydroxyethylcellulose. Antiseptic and preservative additives include chlorhexidine gluconate, gluconolactone, methylparaben, and sodium hydroxide. Ingredients may vary slightly between the different KY products.

How do you use K-Y Intense pleasure?

Directions: Massage a few drops onto intimate areas. Reapply as desired. Not made with hormone or paraben. Approximate 20 applications.

Does KY jelly help with orgasm?

“New K-Y Intense stimulating gel helps increase sensitivity during foreplay and throughout intercourse to ‘get her there’ – no acting required!” Everyday stresses can also upset the balance of sexual activity and prevent couples – especially women – from achieving regular orgasms, let alone climaxing at the same time.

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Does KY Jelly cause BV?

Many personal lubricants, like K-Y jelly, contain glycerin which breaks down to sugars and promotes yeast infections and possibly also bacterial vaginosis, noted Dr.

Does lubricant increase pleasure?

It can enhance the pleasure Some lube can help delay ejaculation too. When additional lube is used with a condom, it can also make sex feel more natural. All in all, lube can seriously enhance the pleasure for everyone involved!

What is the difference between KY Jelly and K-Y liquid?

Liquid or jelly lubricant? The different formulas cater to personal preferences. Liquid: our lightest formula is a smooth liquid that helps you and your partner feel everything together. Jelly: a thick, non-greasy gel formula that stays where you want it to and quickly prepares you for intimacy.

Does pleasure gel work on men?

K-Y Intense Pleasure Gel, Personal Lubricant and Massage Gel, Water-Based Formula, Safe to Use with Natural Rubber Latex and Polyisoprene Condoms, For Men, Women and Couples, 0.34 FL OZ.

Is there lube that increases sensitivity?

K-Y Intense is designed for manual clitoral stimulation that can intensify sensations throughout intercourse. A few drops on her intimate areas during foreplay and the special formula will bring sensual waves of warming, cooling, or tingling sensations that can increase the sensitivity of her intimate areas.

How long does pleasure gel last?

Apply a few drops to the clitoris. Sensation will begin in about 3-5 minutes. Effects can last up to 45 minutes. Reapply as desired.

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Can using saliva as lubricant cause BV?

BV can be triggered by sex without a condom, or oral sex, because semen or saliva can upset your natural balance and allow some bacteria to flourish. It can’t be caught or passed on by your partner.

What lube does not cause yeast infections?

Water-based lubricants are usually the best option, especially if you’re using a condom and/or are prone to yeast infections. Silicone-based lubricants are also okay to use with condoms.

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