Is Stacey Solomon vegetarian?

From Stacey’s social media accounts, it’s clear that she doesn’t live in a vegan household, but it looks like she enjoys a very healthy and balanced diet nonetheless – and has the most organised kitchen we’ve ever seen!

Who is Stacey Solomon ex?

Stacey’s famous ex Stacey gave birth to her first son Zachary when she was 17, whose father is her ex-boyfriend Dean Cox. In 2012, Stacey welcomed her second son Leighton with her then-fiancé Aaron Barnham. Meanwhile, Joe’s son Harry is from his relationship with Emma Sophocleous.

How old was Stacey Solomon when she had her first baby?

Stacey welcomed her first son, 13-year-old Zachary, when she was 17 with her childhood sweetheart Dean Cox.

Who is Joe Swash ex Emma?

Joe, 38, and his ex-fiancee Emma Sophocleous, 35, dated between 2005 and 2008 and share their son Harry, 13.

How old is Joe Swash son Harry?

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The star is one proud dad! Joe Swash is making the most of son Harry’s summer holidays. This week, the proud father headed out for lunch with his eldest child – and shared his disbelief at how big the 14-year-old has become.

Is Joe Swash his real name?

Joe Swash was born on January 20, 1982 in Islington, London, England as Joseph Aidan Swash. He is …

Are Stacey Solomon’s parents still together?

“You can see Steph has devoted her life to these kids, she’s so lovely, this whole day has just got me.” Stacey’s parents – Fiona and David – split up when she was nine years old. Back on the show, Stacey and her team were able to help the family by decluttering their home and donating any unwanted items.

Who is Stacey Solomon’s first husband?

Solomon had her first child in 2008 at age 18, with her then-boyfriend Dean Cox. Her second son, born in 2012, was fathered by her ex-fiancé Aaron Barnham.

How old is Stacey Solomon?

Loose Women and X Factor star Stacey Solomon has welcomed a baby girl on her birthday. The 32-year-old singer and TV personality announced the birth of her daughter with fiance Joe Swash on Instagram with a photo of the newborn in a pink babygrow surrounded by the hands of her mum, dad and brothers.

Is Joe Swash vegetarian?

Despite being a keen carnivore Joe was similarly open minded. ‘I’m not a vegetarian and really enjoy my meat – but I was interested to see what the plant-based dishes tasted like,’ he says. It’s proving so popular they’ve even built a brand new dedicated meat-free facility.

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Who is the father of Leighton Solomon?

Leighton was born in 2012 and Stacey shares him with ex fiancé Aaron Barham who she split from in 2014. His older brother Zachary, 12, was born when Stacey was 17 years old.

Do Stacey Solomon’s kids have the same father?

Stacey shares Leighton with her ex Aaron Barham – who she split from in 2014. She is also a mum to her eldest Zachary, 12, with Dean Cox, and to two-year-old Rex with Joe Swash. While Joe, 39, is also a father to his 14-year-old son Harry who he shares with ex Emma Sophocleous.

What are Stacey Solomon’s sons surnames?

Stacey shares him with fiance Joe Swash and on the wrist band it shows that their son has a double-barrelled surname. This means he is officially named Rex Toby Francis Solomon-Swash.

Who is Harry Stacey Solomon?

Of course, die-hard fans of Stacey will know that Harry is actually Joe’s son from a previous relationship with Emma Sophocleous. He’s rarely pictured on Stacey’s Instagram compared to Zach, Leighton and Rex, but there’s a very important reason for that.

How long have Stacey and Joe been together?

Although they’d only officially been together for eight months, Stacey revealed that she was feeling pretty positive about the relationship, even adding that they’d discussed having babies together. Joe even said, “I think definitely babies, that’s a good idea.”

Did Stacey Solomon give birth to daughter?

Joe and Stacey have named their daughter Rose Opal Esmè Solomon-Swash. Stacey announced the name on her Instagram a week after giving birth, sharing a beautiful picture of the newborn laying next to a rose. She captioned the image with: “Rose Opal, Esmè Solomon-Swash.

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Did Stacey Solomon have a home birth?

Stacey Solomon has shared the details of her home birth as she welcomed a baby girl into the world on her 32nd birthday. The Loose Women panellist, 32, posted a series of videos to her Instagram story as she told her 4.7 million followers how the birth panned out at her home “Pickle Cottage.”

How many kids does Stacey have?

They described their similar life choices and personalities in the series premiere of their show Darcey & Stacey as “twintuition.” And, because they both have two kids and were divorced from their respective ex-husbands on the same exact day, they definitely aren’t lying about their penchant for being scary similar.

What is Emma Sophocleous famous for?

Emma Sophocleus (Emma Sophocleus) is a popular British TV presenter and ex-wife of the actor. She remains silent about the media, so she did not express her private life in front of the media, and although she is a famous TV presenter and ex-wife of the actor, she does not like to guess her private life.

Is Rex Joe Swash’s son?

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash have both admitted missing their two-year-old son Rex, as they’re at home in Pickle Cottage without him. Rex was the first child Joe and Stacey shared together, and he was born in May 2019.

Is Stacey Solomon married to Joe?

Stacey Solomon has excited fans with an announcement about her marriage to Joe Swash. The Loose Women star, who is taking a break from the panel during her maternity leave with baby Rose, appeared on the pre-recorded show alongside her fiancé and daughter for the Christmas special.

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