What crystals are tektites?

Often included within tektites are tiny particles of lechatelierite, a very rare, fused silica glass, formed by the melting of quartz crystals by extremely high temperatures and pressures.

What is the rarest tektite?

By far the most rarest are those from the Ivory Coast strewnfield. These are believed to have been formed during the impact event which created Bosumtwi Meteorite Crater in Ghana. It has been many years since Ivory Coast Tektites have been seen for sale and they have always been the hardest for collectors to get.

Are tektites valuable?

On average, tektites are not that valuable. Tektites, particularly from Indochina, are very common and have limited value. Value increases in the west: tektites can be bought much cheaper at the source. Moldavites, with a beautiful green colour, are considered as gemstones and the value is therefore enhanced.

Is tektite radioactive?

Radioactivity is all around us and tektites are no more radioactive than any normal rock on Earth, any window glass, any other human being or household object.

What is a pseudo tektite?

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Here you will find a selection of Pseudo Tektites – Ancient remnants of Volcanic Glass. This group contains stones like Agni Mani, Colombianite & Saffordite. These pseudotektites are the final survivors of their ancestral volcanic parents in the geologic Garden of Eden.

What is the price of tektite?

A price of $5-13 / gram covers most specimens, with somewhere in the middle of this a pretty realistic price for an average specimen. Central American tektites have a sparse supply, are not common and found in a relatively small area.

Why are tektites black?

Black Tektites are formed by the quick heating and subsequent cooling process of quartz-rich soil and minerals and each stone carries the energies of the location in which it was found. So if you are drawn to these mysterious stones, it’s good to purchase tektites that come from different strewn fields.

Is Tektite a lightweight?

This hard, lightweight material has been found in artifacts across the world, Tektite jewellery pieces, totem stones, as well as fashioned into arrowheads and small blades by fracturing the surface into curved shapes with a fine edge.

Is Obsidian a Tektite?

Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass, generally black in color (as most known tektites) but it can also be brown, grey, or green. Ob- sidian typically exhibits layers, whereas tektites do not (with the exception of the Muong Nong-type layered tektites).

How big is a bolide?

The bolide, measuring 59 feet (18 meters) across, slipped quietly into Earth’s atmosphere at 41,600 mph (18.6 kilometers per second).

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What type of rock is Tektite?

Tektites are thus generally considered to have been derived from sedimentary rather than igneous rocks. Refined analyses have shown that water is present only to the extent of about 100 parts per million (ppm) in tektites—far below the value for terrestrial igneous or sedimentary rocks.

Where can I find tektites?

Where are they found? Tektites have been found only in certain parts of the world, spread over large areas called strewn fields, mainly in low latitudes. The three major areas are south-east Asia (especially Thailand and the Philippines), Australasia; Caribbean-North America; and Ivory Coast, West Africa.

Is Saffordite an obsidian?

Saffordites are a lovely lavender colored natural glass stone found only in one place on Earth. Often called Saffordite tektites or sometimes referred to as Arizona Tektites, they are really members of the obsidian glass family of rocks.

Does obsidian exist?

obsidian, igneous rock occurring as a natural glass formed by the rapid cooling of viscous lava from volcanoes. Obsidian is extremely rich in silica (about 65 to 80 percent), is low in water, and has a chemical composition similar to rhyolite. Different obsidians are composed of a variety of crystalline materials.

How do you identify Saffordite?

Saffordites usually have a round or oval shape which supports the idea that they have been tumbled and shaped by agitation in flowing water. The surface of Saffordites is usually pitted with cup-shaped depressions similar to the ones found in tektites.

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What are black stones?

What are the most popular black gemstones? Black Opal, Black Onyx, Black Tourmaline and Black Pearl are some of the most popular black gemstones out there. Black Obsidian, Black Diamond, Black Garnet, Blizzard Stone and Black Spinel are other sought-after black gemstones options for jewelry lovers.

What is Colombianite?

Colombianite (Calitites). This Tektite is a sacred stone of the Colombian Indians from the Muisca tribes. The Indians call it “Piedra Rayo”, which means “Stone of Lightning” or “Light Stone”. Colombian Shamans use it in their rituals as a means of communication with the god. They also use it for prophetic visions.

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