What does buckets mean in basketball?

A ‘bucket’ in basketball is a slang term for a made shot resulting in two or three points, depending on where the ball was shot from. The exact origin of the term is unknown, although it is likely derived from the early days in which basketball was first invented by tossing a ball into a peach basket.

What does left in the dust mean?

Definition of leave (someone) in the dust : to go far ahead of (someone) : to be much more advanced than (someone) The company has left its competitors in the dust.

What does down in the dirt mean?

adj derelict, destitute, dirt-poor (informal) flat broke (informal) impoverished, on one’s uppers (informal) penniless, ruined, short, without two pennies to rub together (informal) 2 down-and-out.

What does a bucket mean in slang?

(slang) The rump; buttocks. noun. To carry, draw, or lift (water, etc.) in a bucket or buckets. verb.

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What does the saying buckets mean?

phrase​British​informal. DEFINITIONS1. large amounts of something. We haven’t exactly got buckets of money.

What’s a walking bucket?

WALKING BUCKET™ (n) A hooper who guarantees a bucket everytime they touch the ball. walking bucket. THE STATEMENT.

What means to bite the dust?

“Bite the dust” is usually used to describe a fall to the ground or someone’s death and is more commonly associated with the death of a soldier in battle, but it also has the more modern association with general failure.

What does after the dust settles mean?

—used to talk about what happens when things become clear or calm after a period of change or confusion I’ll call you as soon as the dust settles from the move.

What is hit pay dirt?

Definition of hit/strike pay dirt : to do, find, or get something that results in money or success The band hit pay dirt with their first single.

What does it mean to leave someone in the dirt?

to leave someone alone without helping or caring for them: He left another woman in the dust and he’ll do the same to you.

What is hit the dirt?

Definition of hit the dirt : to drop down to the ground suddenly She hit the dirt when the gunfire started.

Why is a bucket called a bucket?

“pail or open vessel for drawing and carrying water and other liquids,” mid-13c., from Anglo-French buquet “bucket, pail,” from Old French buquet “bucket,” which is from Frankish or some other Germanic source, or a diminutive of cognate Old English buc “pitcher, bulging vessel,” originally “belly” (buckets were …

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How do you use the idiom kick the bucket in a sentence?

You use the phrase ‘Kick the Bucket’ to indicate that someone has died. Example of use: “Every one of us will kick the bucket someday.”

What does up your bucket mean?

It’s a pop psychology concept. The bucket represents your mental or emotional self. When your bucket is full of positive thoughts, compliments etc., you feel confident and energised.

What are buckets uses?

Types and uses Water buckets used to carry water. Household and garden buckets used for carrying liquids and granular products. Elaborate ceremonial or ritual buckets constructed of bronze, ivory or other materials, found in several ancient or medieval cultures, sometimes known by the Latin for bucket, situla.

What is a bucket GCP?

Buckets are the basic containers that hold your data. Everything that you store in Cloud Storage must be contained in a bucket. You can use buckets to organize your data and control access to your data, but unlike directories and folders, you cannot nest buckets.

What does half a bucket mean?

Hi. Yes, it’s slang, but “half-bucket” is not a fixed expression. Similar, common expressions include “half-baked,” “half-assed” and “half-witted,” and all of these terms signify “insufficient” in one capacity or another.

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