What does Hi-ho the Dario mean?

Hi-ho, the derry-o… The child takes the nurse, etc… The song probably originated in Germany and was brought to America by immigrants. The word “derry” is the anglicization of the Old Irish Gaelic word Daire (in Modern Irish Gaelic Doire) which means oak grove and/or an area densely wooded with oak trees.

Is Luke Bryan a farmer?

Luke Bryan is a farmer. He is also the American Country Music Entertainer of the Year. And while he clearly has a passion for both occupations, there is also a deep devotion to his agriculture roots and the next generation of farmers and ranchers. Bryan grew up the son of a Georgia farmer.

What does the cheese stands alone mean?

The phrase the cheese stands alone is the last line of a popular game and children’s song. People often use it as an uncommon way to describe someone who is all alone.

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Why does Omar whistle The Farmer in the Dell?

Additionally, everyone else ran away to leave the two drug dealers alone to be robbed, and Omar whistles the song as he strolls through the block — everyone runs to hide from him as he looks around and selects his target (the guys who noticed him last and were slowest to react).

What is A Dario?

The Dario is a glucose meter that helps people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes monitor their blood glucose levels. Aside from the now-defunct iBGStar meter, it is the first meter of its kind that physically plugs into a smartphone in order to check blood sugars.

What was Wee Willie Winkie wearing?

Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town, Up stairs and down stairs in his night-gown, Tapping at the window, crying at the lock, Hey, Willie Winkie – the child’s in a creel!

What happened to Luke Bryans family?

Luke Bryan has suffered a great deal of loss in his life: his brother was killed in a car crash, his sister died suddenly of an undiagnosed issue and his brother-in-law passed after an illness.

What country singers are actually farmers?

Many artists grew up on farms. Luke Bryan grew up on a peanut farm in Georgia, and Carrie Underwood hails from a cattle ranch in Oklahoma. Both have graduated to million-dollar estates. But when tour ends, and Monday morning comes, Mize is the one on the tractor.

What does takes the cheese mean?

This expression is used to say that someone is all alone or feels alone in a situation— isolated and like the odd person out. It is often used when someone feels alone or left out in a group setting.

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How do you play farmer in the Dell game?

Activity. Arrange all of the children standing in a circle. One person is chosen as the farmer and stands in the middle. Everyone sings, “The farmer in the dell, the farmer in the dell, High ho, the Derry-oh the farmer in the dell” and walk around in the circle.

What does it mean to take the cheese?

1. interjection Said when one is having one’s picture taken, as it is meant to produce a smile as one says it.

What does Omar’s whistle mean?

“For Omar”: Baltimore Ravens Pay Special Whistle Tribute to Michael K. Williams Before NFL Game. The whistled tune of “The Farmer In the Dell” was heard around the M&T Bank Stadium as part of the team’s pre-game introductions.

Who said you come at the king you best not miss?

This line was spoken by Omar Little (played by Michael K. Williams) in The Wire, written by David Simon and Ed Burns (2002-2008).

What was Omar whistling in The Wire?

Despite his line of work, Omar stood out from the other characters on the show, because he had a code of ethics he operated by. He was savage and fierce, and would whistle to the tune of “Farmer in the Dell” when he was coming, putting those in his proximity on notice.

What does Derry mean in Irish?

The name Derry is an anglicisation of the Old Irish name Daire (modern Irish: Doire [ˈd̪ˠɛɾʲə]) meaning “oak grove”. The district administered by Derry City and Strabane District Council contains both Londonderry Port and City of Derry Airport.

What does the child take in the Farmer in the Dell?

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This is a rhyme about a farmer who is in the dell. As the song proceeds, the farmer takes his wife. The wife takes the child along with her. The child takes the nurse, the nurse takes the cow, the cow takes the dog, the dog takes the cat, the cat takes the mouse, and the mouse takes the cheese along with him.

What did the three little kittens lose?

The three little kittens, they lost their mittens, And they began to cry, “Oh, mother dear, we sadly fear, That we have lost our mittens.”

How much wool did Baa Baa Black Sheep have?

In the poem, the black sheep has three bags of wool in which one bag is for master, other for the dame and lastly for the boy , living down the lane.

What is the origin of Baa Baa Black Sheep?

Baa Baa Black Sheep is about the medieval wool tax, imposed in the 13th Century by King Edward I. Under the new rules, a third of the cost of a sack of wool went to him, another went to the church and the last to the farmer.

Why did the Old Mother Hubbard go to the cupboard?

Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard, To fetch her poor dog a bone. But when she got there the cupboard was bare, To fetch her poor dog a bone.

What did Georgie Porgie do?

Origins and variations Kissed the girls and made them cry, When the girls came out to play, Georgie Porgie ran away. These appeared in The Kentish Coronal (1841), where the rhyme was described as an “old ballad” with the name spelled “Georgy Peorgy”.

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