What happened to Sarah Greene and Mike Smith?

He married Sarah Greene in 1989, soon after their 1988 helicopter crash. Smith died on 1 August 2014 from complications following major heart surgery. His wife of 25 years, TV presenter Sarah Greene, survives him.

Who is Mike Reed?

Mike Reed (b. Bielefeld, Germany May 26, 1974) is a musician, composer, bandleader and arts presenter based in Chicago. Over the last two decades he has emerged as a dominant force within Chicago’s diverse artistic community, both through the music he makes and the live events he produces.

Do Mike Smith and Sarah Greene have children?

Smith is survived by his wife, the former Blue Peter presenter Sarah Greene. They married in 1989, a year after they were both injured in a helicopter crash in Gloucestershire. They did not have children.

Is Dave Lee Travis working?

Dave Lee Travis has spoken about making a comeback almost four years after being convicted of indecent assault. Speaking to the Mirror, Travis announced his return to radio, fronting a two-hour weekend show on the digital station United DJs Radio, starting this March.

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How old is the DJ David Hamilton?

Annie Mac announces she’s leaving Radio 1 David Hamilton has cause for celebration this year as he’s making broadcasting history. At the age of 82, he’s the oldest person in the UK to have a daily national radio show. He’s been broadcasting at home amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Why was Alan Freeman called Fluff?

Radio and television. Freeman was invited to audition as a radio announcer in 1952, and began work for 7LA in Tasmania, known as the teenager’s station. He gained his nickname “Fluff” as a result of a fluffy jumper that he was fond of wearing.

Who did the love stories on Radio 1?

Simon Bates – Our Tune For over 30 years Our Tune, that poignant feature of love and loss, captured the UK’s imagination.

Why did Sarah Greene leave ransom?

Sarah Greene as Maxine Carlson (season 1–2), a crisis and hostage negotiator who acts as Beaumont’s second. She takes leave from the team during the second season after being forced to use lethal force against a perpetrator to save Oliver.

What accident did Sarah Greene have?

The BBC television presenters Mike Smith and Sarah Greene have been seriously injured in a helicopter crash in Gloucestershire. Miss Greene broke both her legs and an arm when the helicopter her partner was piloting smashed into trees close to where he was attempting to land.

Where is Bubbles from?

Bubbles is from Limbourg, Belgium. He is the youngest primary character, Julian and Ricky’s closest friend, and the series’ breakout character.

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Is Simon Mayo still on Scala radio?

In 2019, he began hosting a topical and feature led show on digital station Scala Radio and will now be leaving his daily programme for a weekend show. Simon announced in February he would be returning to Drivetime across the UK on Greatest Hits Radio.

When did pick of the pops start?

Pick of the Pops first went out on Tuesday evening, 4 October 1955. The first presenter was Franklin Engelmann, who played “a selection from the top shelf of current popular gramophone records”. It was a few weeks before Bill Haley’s Rock Around the Clock kick-started the transformation of the Hit Parade.

Who said not ARF pop pickers?

eteran DJ Alan “Fluff” Freeman has died aged 79. The former BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 presenter, whose “Not ‘arf” catchphrase made him a household name, had been living in a nursing home in Twickenham after being diagnosed with arthritis.

Where does David Hamilton live now?

The veteran broadcaster – who lives on the edge of Horsham in the farmhouse where he spent much of his childhood – is to present The All Time Happy Music Show on BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey on Boxing Day from 10am.

Does David Hamilton have children?

Manchester-born David, 78, who lives in Sussex with his wife Dreena, has two children and three grandchildren from his first marriage.

Where was Alan Freeman born?

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Freeman, whose programmes would later cover everything from pop to pomp rock to heavy metal and grand opera, had originally wanted to become an opera singer (his final broadcasts were presenting Their Greatest Bits for BBC Radio 2, from 1997 to 2001), but reluctantly concluded that his …

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Is cat pregnant with Reid’s baby?

Read at your own risk.] Reid and his mom may be safe and sound on Criminal Minds, but the same can’t be said for the rest of the BAU. Thankfully, that soapy twist is not true, but Cat is pregnant — with the baby of a guard who worked both her and Reid’s prisons.

Who is Mike Reed today?

Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, Gannett Co., Inc. Mr. Michael E. Reed is a Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer at Gannett Co., Inc., a Chief Executive Officer & Director at GateHouse Media Operating LLC and a Chief Executive Officer at SureWest Directories.

Who is Paul bascobert?

I’m thrilled to announce that Paul Bascobert has joined Column as an advisor. Paul has led a storied career in the media industry, serving in executive roles at Dow Jones, Bloomberg and Gannett, where he acted as Chief Executive Officer.

Does Simon Bates still do our tune?

Bates was succeeded as breakfast show presenter by Andrew Castle. After leaving Smooth Bates subsequently joined BBC Radio Devon, presenting the breakfast show from January 2015. Our Tune continues to appear.

Who played the first song on Radio 1?

The first song on BBC Radio One was Flowers in the Rain by The Move. It’s the 50th birthday of Radio One – and the first song played on the station was by a Midlands band. Flowers in the Rain is etched into history and could’ve made Birmingham-based band The Move a fortune.

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