What happens to Michaela in Waterloo Road?

In Waterloo Road Reunited, it is revealed that Michaela fell pregnant, giving birth to a son called Kyle. In the reunion party, she was given a new job in Dubai but in order to go to Dubai, she had to be married. Philip Ryan, who had feelings for Michaela, offered to marry her and she happily accepted.

Do Sambuca and Bolton get together?

They engaged in activities, such as throwing rocks at an old wrecked boat and sharing Bolton’s lunch. Moments later, Sambuca and Bolton shared a romantic kiss.

Is Waterloo Road returning?

Waterloo Road is returning to BBC One after a six-year absence. It was announced last year that Waterloo Road – the school-set drama which ran for 200 episodes from 2006 to 2015 – would be returning to BBC One. Angela Griffin, Adam Thomas and Katie Griffiths will all star in the new Waterloo Road revival.

Why was Sambuca killed off?

Career. Kenny first appeared in Waterloo Road on the first episode of the fourth series, broadcast on Wednesday 7 January 2009. Her final episode was on seventh series, which was broadcast on Wednesday 8 June 2011. After the character of Sambuca was killed off after suffering with a long-term brain tumour.

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Why did Rose and Tom break up?

Rose and Tom continue to date in Series 5. Sambuca in particular felt left out when Tom paid more attention to Josh than he did her. This leads to Tom and Rose having a break from their relationship.

What happened to Kyle in Waterloo Road?

He was expelled from Waterloo Road when he punched Nikki Boston in the face. Some days later, he tried to kill Finn Sharkey with a crossbow but unintentionally injured Josh Stevenson. After this accident, Kyle disappears from Waterloo Road, presumably because he thought he was responsible for Tom’s death.

Do flick and Marley get back together?

After these events, Marley consoles a distraught Flick outside the ruined school as her dad is taken away in the police car. Marley graduated after this episode and he and Flick go to university where they continue their relationship.

When did Steph leave Waterloo Road?

She was best known for playing French teacher Steph Haydock on the BBC drama. Denise, 63, quit Waterloo Road in 2009 after five series to focus on her part in ITV’s Loose Women.

Who plays Rachels sister in Waterloo Road?

Katy Jane Carmichael (born 5 March 1970) is an English actress, director and producer. She is most known for her roles Twist Morgan in the Channel 4 sitcom Spaced, Lucy Barlow in the ITV soap Coronation Street, and Melissa Ryan in Waterloo Road.

Why did Kim leave Waterloo?

Kim left for Rwanda at the end of the second series with Andrew. However, she later returned series 4 bringing with her a baby daughter, Grace. At first it seemed Grace was her own daughter, however Kim later confessed to Steph that she took Grace from Rwanda illegally.

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How many episodes of Waterloo Road are there?

The first episode was broadcast on BBC One on 9 March 2006, and the final episode on BBC Three on 9 March 2015. Waterloo Road ran for 200 episodes and exactly nine years.

Why did Holly Kenny leave Waterloo Road?

Waterloo Road actress Holly Kenny discusses Sambuca’s final episode. In real life, meanwhile, Kenny chose to leave Waterloo Road in order to concentrate on her GCSEs, according to What’s On TV. Praising Sambuca’s dramatic final plotline, Kenny told the magazine: “I didn’t want her to just disappear.

Who is the ginger girl in Waterloo Road?

Lucy Jane Dixon (born 9 August 1989) is an English actress, best known for her roles as Danielle Harker in the BBC One school-based drama series Waterloo Road and Tilly Evans in the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks.

What happens to Finn and Amy in Waterloo Road?

Amy and Finn became close, and Finn led Amy into a lot of trouble. They were split up by their parents and the teachers, but this led to a suicide pact and an attempted suicide which was stopped by Christopher Mead.

Does Tom give grantly his kidney?

In Series 8, Tom decides to donate a kidney to Grantly, but after Tom’s death this ends up not going ahead, and Grantly later died as well.

What happened to Chlo and Donte in Waterloo Road?

It is revealed that a drunk Chlo climbed onto Donte and obscured his view of the road, which lead to the crash. When she refuses to take the blame for Donte, they break up, however reconcile later on. In court, Donte is found guilty by the judge, despite Chlo’s best efforts in admitting the truth.

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Who was in Waterloo Road the longest?

Grantly Budgen (Philip Martin Brown, series 3−9; supporting series 1−2) is the longest-serving teacher in the school, and Head of English between series 1 and 4. Curmudgeonly and cynical, Grantly frequently voices objections to the school’s management and acts as the staff’s union representative.

What happened to Maxine in Waterloo Road?

In Maxine’s final year of high school she formed a relationship with new student Earl Kelly however when she tried to break things off he turned violent and and tragically shot her. Maxine died in the arms of her foster mum Steph and best friend Janeece.

What happened to Matt in Waterloo Road?

Matt’s agreed to be sperm donor but will their friendship withstand the pressure of impending parenthood? At the end of Series 7, Matt left Waterloo Road for a second time after the school moved to Scotland, and he gained another job in the Rochdale area.

How old is Denzil Kelly?

Series Four Edit The Kelly family – one year old Prince, 11 year old Denzil, 14 year old Sambuca, 16 year old Earl and 17 year old Marley – arrived at Waterloo Road on Series 4 Episode 1, along with their alcoholic mother Rose.

Where did they film Waterloo Road in Scotland?

On 27 October 2011, the BBC announced that they had selected the Madeira Street building of Greenock Academy to film a new series of the TV drama Waterloo Road, following the production’s move up north to nearby Glasgow. The site was leased from Inverclyde Council.

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