What is 366 TKM?

366 TKM is a rifle cartridge developed from the Soviet 7.62x39mm. . 366 TKM was developed for the Russian civilian market, where smoothbore firearms are considered shotguns. For weapons chambered for the cartridge, see the category page.

What is a paradox shotgun?

The ball and shot gun, often also known by the marketing name paradox gun, is a shotgun capable of firing both shot and solid projectiles.

How do you unlock Jaeger tarkov?

You have to get to level 10 in your character progression before you’re able to take up tasks from the Mechanic that unlocks Jaeger. After unlocking level 10, tasks become available, including the first two tasks you need to complete, “Gunsmith Part 1” and “Introduction”.

How big is a .366 round?

The . 366 TKM (9.55x39mm) cartridge was developed by Russian company “Techcrim” for use in a smooth-bore guns with Paradox or Lancaster-type bore. It is based on the 7.62×39 M43 cartridge case, necked out to accept various bullets of 9.55mm nominal calibers.

What is a smooth bore weapon?

A smoothbore weapon is one that has a barrel without rifling. Smoothbores range from handheld firearms to powerful tank guns and large artillery mortars.

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Is a paradox true?

A paradox is a logically self-contradictory statement or a statement that runs contrary to one’s expectation. It is a statement that, despite apparently valid reasoning from true premises, leads to a seemingly self-contradictory or a logically unacceptable conclusion.

What is a paradox choke?

Paradox, called for simplicity also rifled or radial, is a particular choke tube model marketed since the 1990s to stabilize the sub-caliber bullet without rifling; today it is mainly used as a spreader.

What kind of gun is a carbine?

A carbine (/ˈkɑːrbiːn/ or /ˈkɑːrbaɪn/) is a long gun that has a barrel shortened from its original length. Most modern carbines are rifles that are compact versions of a longer rifle or are rifles chambered for less powerful cartridges. The smaller size and lighter weight of carbines make them easier to handle.

Are naval guns rifled?

United States Navy guns typically used rifling depth between one-half and one percent of caliber. Projectile bourrelet diameter specification was 0.015 inches (0.38 mm) less than land to land diameter with a minus manufacturing tolerance so average clearance was about 0.012 inches (0.30 mm).

Is smoothbore inaccurate?

For this reason, many modern tanks use smoothbore guns and the projectiles are fin- stabilized. The angled fin vanes impart spin to the projectile. For heavy high speed projectiles such as depleted uranium anti-armor HSFSDS rounds, accuracy is on par with that produced by rifling.

Why are tank cannons smooth bore?

The majority of modern tanks are fitted with smoothbore guns, which do not utilise rifled barrels in order to impart spin to projectiles as they are fired (see Annex B). The smoothbore design of most modern tank barrels makes it easier for tanks to fire missiles through the same barrel used to fire projectiles.

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Is love a paradox?

Yes, love is a paradox. It’s both simple and complicated. It makes us feel happier, and more connected than any other feeling. But it can also be the catalyst that pushes us into a hole of depth and despair that’s almost indescribable when we feel disconnected from it.

Can a person be paradoxical?

2 : someone who does two things that seem to be opposite to each other or who has qualities that are opposite As an actor, he’s a paradox—he loves being in the public eye but also deeply values and protects his privacy.

Is time travel a paradox?

“This is a paradox — an inconsistency that often leads people to think that time travel cannot occur in our universe.” A variation is known as the “grandfather paradox” — in which a time traveler kills their own grandfather, in the process preventing the time traveler’s birth.

What is a paradox slug?

Put simply, a Paradox Gun is a shotgun with a partially rifled barrel that enables it to shoot both slugs and shot with reasonable accuracy. Colonel G.V. Fosbery first developed what we now call the Paradox Gun back in the 1880s by adding a small amount of rifling to the choke on a shotgun.

How a choke works on a shotgun?

The choke of a shotgun determines shot string only. It has no bearing on shot speed (velocity) or distance (range). That is, the choke does not alter the shotgun’s power—it just controls how tight or spread out the pellets will be at a specific distance. Cylinder choke is an unconstricted barrel.

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Are carbines legal?

The California legislature’s NEW firearm restrictions now make pistol grip carbines illegal there. And as with any Hi-Point carbine or hand gun, compliant carbines can be purchased through any local gun shop or FFL sporting goods store in California.

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