What is 8/9 as a fraction in simplest form?

89 is already in the simplest form. It can be written as 0.888889 in decimal form (rounded to 6 decimal places).

What is 4/9 as a fraction?

We can write 4 divided by 9 as 4/9. Here, 4 is the numerator and 9 is the denominator. And if we divide 4 by 9, we get 0.44. We get the same value when we convert the fraction 4/9 to a decimal.

What kind of number is 8 9?

8/9 is a rational number. Rational numbers are numbers that result when one integer is divided by another integer. Since 8 is an integer and 9 is…

Is Ad failing in college?

Ready to start your journey? A passing grade grants credit for a college-level course. A D is the lowest passing grade at most colleges. Students with a D may need to retake in-major courses or prerequisite classes.

What percentage is B+?

Letter grade Percentage Grade definition A+ 90-100 Excellent A 85-89 Very good A– 80-84 Very good B+ 75-79 Good B.

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What is equivalent calculator?

Equivalent Expression Calculator is a free online tool that displays the equivalent expressions for the given algebraic expression.

What is unit fraction in maths?

A unit fraction is a rational number written as a fraction where the numerator is one and the denominator is a positive integer. A unit fraction is therefore the reciprocal of a positive integer, 1/n. Examples are 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, etc.

Are numbers real?

Real numbers are, in fact, pretty much any number that you can think of. This can include whole numbers or integers, fractions, rational numbers and irrational numbers. Real numbers can be positive or negative, and include the number zero. Another example of an imaginary number is infinity.

How do I write Fractions in Powerpoint?

First, head over to the “Insert” tab and click the “Equation” button (the pi symbol). This open a specialized Design tab in a new tab group named Drawing Tools. You’ll also notice that a new “Type equation here” text box appears on your slide. On the “Design” tab, click the “Fraction” button.

How do you type Fractions on a computer keyboard?

To type a fraction on a PC, start by entering the numerator or top number in the fraction. Then, addd a forward slash to represent the divide sign and include the denominator immediately afterwards. For common fractions, such as 1/2 or 1/4, hold down the “alt” key and enter the code numbers 0189 or 0188.

What is 0.125 in a whole number?

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If we divide both the top and the bottom by 5 since we know 125 is a multiple of 5, we get 25/200. Divide both by 5 again to get 5/40. Divide by 5 one more time to get 1/8, and since the numerator is 1, the fraction cannot be simplified any further. Therefore, the answer in its simplest form is 1/8.

How do you solve 9 divided by 2?

Using a calculator, if you typed in 9 divided by 2, you’d get 4.5. You could also express 9/2 as a mixed fraction: 4 1/2. If you look at the mixed fraction 4 1/2, you’ll see that the numerator is the same as the remainder (1), the denominator is our original divisor (2), and the whole number is our final answer (4).

What is 8n divided by 2?

Using a calculator, if you typed in 8 divided by 2, you’d get 4. You could also express 8/2 as a mixed fraction: 4 0/2.

What is 0.375 as a percent?

Make use of the Free Decimal to Percent Calculator to change decimal value 0.375 to its equivalent percent value 0.00375% in no time along with the detailed steps.

What is AA in USA?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is an international fellowship requiring no membership dues or fees, dedicated to helping alcoholics peer to peer in sobriety through its spiritually inclined Twelve Steps program. …

Should I get an AA or AS?

In essence, A.A. degrees are of a more general nature and can help students further their education or enter various occupational fields. A.S. degrees are more narrowly focused and may require students to take on additional courses when they wish to expand their studies.

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Is there an F+ grade?

In Academic grading in the United States, F+ is a rarely used grade above F. F+, a sister channel of TV+, Bulgaria.

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