What is a Remington 870 tactical?

The 870 Express® Tactical provides citizens with a rugged, value-priced workhorse, that comes equipped for real world combat. This tactical shotgun comes with an extended magazine, XS® ghost ring sights, and an 18-1/2″ barrel fitted with an extended, ported, Tactical Rem® Choke.

What is the difference between a Remington 870 and 870 Express?

The only real difference between the two shotguns is their cosmetic look and some of the internal parts. The Remington 870 Express contains synthetic fore-ends and stocks made of laminated wood. The Remington 870 Wingmaster will obviously be more expensive since it is made with walnut and polished metal surfaces.

Is Remington 870 good home defense?

The 870 Express® is a rugged, value-priced workhorse, making it one of the most useful tools that a shooter can own. The versatile, no-nonsense 870 Express with Extended Magazine can be used for a home defense shotgun, a tactical shotgun, or a camp gun in bear country.

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Is Remington 870 discontinued?

In short, the 870 is one of the most versatile guns a sportsman can own. Remington has endured some long-standing financial troubles. The more than 200-year-old company entered bankruptcy and was sold off in blocks in 2020.

Can you hunt with a Remington 870 tactical?

Remington 870 Barrel for Hunting Longer barrel is a must have for hunting shotgun. It enables hunter to shoot targets at much longer distance. Another necessary feature which hunting barrel needs to have is a Rem Choke (removable choke system). Hunters often use chokes depending on the game they hunt.

What shotgun does the US Army use?

The most common type of shotgun used for this purpose is the manually operated, slide-action/pump-action type like the Remington M870 or Mossberg 590A1. The latter is currently the pump-action of choice for US armed forces, and both have seen service with other militaries.

Which is better Remington or Mossberg?

Conclusion. Both the Remington & Mossberg are super popular and reliable pump action shotguns. Mossberg has the ambidextrous safety, double-extractor, nicer shell lifter, tons of upgrades, and is used by the military. While Remington has the smoother action, steel receiver, and better pistol grip setup.

Will Remington 870 shoot 3 inch shells?

These super magnums can shoot shells that go up to 3 ½ inches in length, as long as the barrel is chambered for it. As for those who are using 20-gauge shells that are 3 inches in length, you will need a 20-gauge magnum receiver for those.

Which Remington 870 is best for home defense?

Remington 870 Express Tactical Sometimes simpler is better, and with an 18.5-inch barrel sporting a fixed-cylinder choke and up to a seven-shell (6+1) magazine capacity, the 870 Express Tactical has all the basic characteristics you need in a home-defense shotgun.

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Is Remington 870 home defense 20 gauge?

Remington Home Defense Shotguns: The Remington 870 Express models deliver classic Remington performance and reliability in either 12-gauge or 20-gauge with 18.5-inch or 23-inch barrels, and all models are chambered to accommodate 3-inch shells.

Is Remington 870 express a good gun?

The Remington 870 range remains a super dependable and very capable pump action shotgun. It throws some very good patterns and here, with its synthetic stock in the Express format, is ideally suited for everyday shotgun duties. It’s nice to see it back amongst the gunsmith’s racks again.

Why is the Remington 870 so popular?

As mentioned before, the Remington 870 is also popular because its highly versatile. Whether you need a sport shotgun or a tactical weapon, the market is flooded with after-market accessories to pimp out your 870. Some have hardwood stocks, some have a synthetic stock, and most gauges of shotgun shells are covered.

Who makes the Remington 870 now?

Currently, Roundhill Group owns the rights to produce all Remington-related brands (DPMS, Bushmaster, Dakota Firearms, Para USA, H&R) with the exception of Marlin’s assets, which went to Ruger. One of the most recent versions of the Remington 870 pump shotgun.

Who bought out Remington Arms in 2021?

Investors doing business as the Roundhill Group purchased the Remington-branded gun-making business, including operations in Ilion, New York, and Lenoir City, Tennessee for $13 million.

What is better pump or tactical shotgun?

The pump does more damage, but has a low fire rate. The tactical does less damage, but has a higher fire rate. It also has a slightly longer range. Generally, the pump is good for surprising people because you can kill them in one shot usually.

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What makes a shotgun tactical?

A tactical shotgun generally has a shorter barrel, making it lighter and more maneuverable when used inside of buildings and vehicles. They can come in any type of operation, but the two fastest and most popular are pump and semi-automatic actions.

Can I shoot slugs in my Remington 870 Express Tactical?

You absolutely can shoot slugs through your cylinder choke barrel. On the shelf at the store, you’re likely to see two varieties of slugs – rifled and sabot.

Why are shotguns banned in war?

The Hague convention among other things bans bullets designed to expand or explode etc on human targets. That’s why full metal jacketed ammunition is the military norm. The basis for this in case of shotguns would have been claiming lead balls that make up buckshot might expand.

What shotgun do the Marines use?

The M1014 is a pure combat shotgun designed for fighting in close quarter’s situations. Benelli built the M1014 from the ground up to meet the Marine Corps requirements.

What gun does the FBI use?

The FBI has selected Glock Gen 5 handguns in 9mm as their service weapon. There has been much speculation about the reasons for their caliber change.

Can the Remington 870 shoot slugs?

You can shoot slugs through modified and full chokes, you just don’t get the best accuracy. Rifled slugs are designed to shoot through choked barrels. Do not try to shoot slugs through an extra full turkey choke, as they are too tight.

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