What is Johnny Canales saying?

A perfect example of Canales’ linguistic mannerisms can be found in a 1988 Texas Monthly profile, in which he jokingly claims that the first part of his ubiquitous catchphrase “You got it, take it away!” was actually an attempt to help his Mexican viewers.

Was Selena on the Johnny Canales show?

Selena sang for the first time on the show at just 13 years old and continued to appear for years. As an integral part of the series, where Johnny Canales jokes about Selena only knowing the word “dinero,” or money, when she first went on his show, the scenes stay true to Selena’s incredible life.

How old is Johnny Canales from Corpus Christi?

Canales is credited with one of the first live performances of Selena by her thirteenth birthday. Summary: Johnny Canales is 32 years old and was born on 05/01/1988.

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How old is Laura Canales?

CORPUS CHRISTI, Tex., April 19 – Laura Canales, the “grande dame of Tejano music” who blazed a trail for other women, like Selena, who became stars in the genre, died here on Saturday. She was 50.

What did Selena sing in her 1987 appearance on the Johnny Canales show?

Performing “Quiero,” in the Johnny Canales Show in 1987 [Video] | Selena quintanilla fashion, Selena, Selena quintanilla.

Who is Patsy Torres married to?

Patsy is survived by her husband Remigio Torres, Jr.; her son Ray Torres, and daughter Jeanette (David) Ortega.

Who is Laura Canales in Selena?

Selena Quintanilla, the subject of Netflix’s Selena: The Series, is often remembered as the Queen of Tejano music. But prior to her ascension, it was Laura Canales (played by Catia Ojeda) who paved the way for Quintanilla’s success.

Where is Patsy Torres now?

Dr. Torres is an “edutainer” who blends her scholarly knowledge with her unique musical talents to offer a one-of-a-kind program that mixes her dialogue with inspiring and uplifting songs. In 2020, Dr. Torres established her new non-profit, “Positive Force Tour Programs Inc.”

What happened to Patsy Torres?

Most recently, Patsy has obtained a non-profit status for her Positive Force Tour Programs (PFTP INC.) and provides a variety of musical programs that are tailored to all different age groups.

Where did Patsy Torres go to school?

Patsy Torres is a three time graduate of the University of the Incarnate Word and a driving force in the entertainment industry as well as a youth advocate and an ambassador of cultural awareness and appreciation.

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Who is the best Tejano singer?

Probably the most famous Tejano artist who ever lived is Selena Quintanilla Perez. She and her band, Los Dinos, dominated the Tejano music charts from the early ’80s and ’90s as they blended pop music with the ever-growing Tejano music.

Who won the most Tejano Awards?

The award was first presented to American singer Lisa Lopez. Laura Canales won the award five nonconsecutive times, and is considered Tejano music’s first leading lady before the genre’s golden age in the 1990s. Selena holds the record for most wins, winning 11 of her 12 nominations.

Who was Selena up against?

In the 2022 Grammy category for Latin Pop Album, Selena is up against Pablo Alboran, Paula Arenas, Ricardo Arjona, Camilo and Alex Cuba. Selena’s big honor comes more than seven months after the singer told Vogue she was thinking about taking a step back from making (now Grammy-nominated!) music.

Did Laura Canales give Selena advice?

It’s hard to say. While the exact conversation was likely a bit of artistic license on the part of the show’s writers, it’s true that Canales was a mentor to Selena during the early stages of her career.

How old was Selena when she won the Tejano Music Awards?

In 1987, at just 15 years old, Selena won the Tejano Music Award for Female Vocalist. She went on to win that award nine consecutive times, making waves in the male-dominated world of Tejano music.

Is Patsy Torres a doctor?

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With a Ph. D. in Education and Organizational Leadership, Dr. Patsy Torres is an “edutainer” who blends her scholarly knowledge with her unique musical talents to offer one-of-a-kind programs that mix her dialogue with inspiring and uplifting shows.

Who are some famous Tejano singers?

It reached a much larger audience in the late 20th-century thanks to the explosive popularity of the singer Selena (“The Queen of Tejano”), Mazz, and other performers like La Mafia, Ram Herrera, La Sombra, Elida Reyna, Elsa García, Laura Canales, Oscar Estrada, Jay Perez, Emilio Navaira, Esteban “Steve” Jordan, Shelly …

Who is the best selling Tejano artist?

Credited for elevating a music genre into the mainstream market, Selena remains the best-selling Tejano recording artist whose posthumous releases continue to outsell those of living musicians.

Did Selena win a Latin Grammy?

Selena was nominated for 86 awards, with 67 wins. She won 36 Tejano Music Awards, 14 Billboard Latin Music Awards, 10 Lo Nuestro Awards, five BMI Awards and one award from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

Who is known as the Queen of Tejano music?

On July 12 and 13, the Houston Symphony pays tribute to the Queen of Tejano Music, Selena Quintanilla.

How many times did Selena win female vocalist of the year?

Selena first won Tejano Music Awards’ “Female Vocalist of the Year” in 1986 at the age of 15, and from 1987 to 1996 she continued winning as vocalist and as “Female Entertainer of the Year,” along with other awards such as “Song of the Year.” In 1996, even after her death, she won almost all categories.

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