What is Petunia in VeggieTales?

Petunia Rhubarb (introduced 2005) is a red-headed rhubarb who is often seen with Larry as his love interest or as a female co-star.

Why was VeggieTales Cancelled?

The series started with only either one or two episode(s) per year, until the company grew and produced three videos per year as of 2014. Since then, no new episodes of the series have been produced, likely due to Big Idea being too busy making and focusing on the Netflix series.

What is the name of the squash in VeggieTales?

Jerry Gourd is a character in VeggieTales. He is a gourd who is hardly ever seen without his brother Jimmy.

Who plays Larry in VeggieTales?

As co-creator of “VeggieTales,” co-founder of Big Idea Entertainment and the voice of the beloved Larry the Cucumber, Mike Nawrocki has been part of the pulse of the “VeggieTales” brand, which boasts sales of over 85 million videos, audio CDs and books, generating over one billion dollars at retail since its inception …

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Who voices Bob the Tomato?

The man in charge of slicing the VeggieTales is Phil Vischer, the heart, mind and voice behind Bob the Tomato and many other characters.

What is Mister Lunt?

Lunt is a decorative Latin gourd (though he does also resemble an onion), who grew up in New Jersey. He often appears as Mr. Nezzer’s assistant and they debuted together in Rack, Shack, and Benny.

Are Petunia and Larry married?

She Was Married by Larry the Cucumber. Petunia was originally going to be a onion. So far the only time we see her get married is “Duke and the Great Pie War”.

What kind of vegetable is Ichabeezer?

Ichabeezer (voiced by Rob Paulsen) – Ichabeezer is a grumpy, gruff and elderly zucchini who doesn’t get along with the other veggies.

Why is there a tomato in VeggieTales?

Are you referring to Bob the Tomato? He’s technically a fruit. He happens to look visibly appealing and most kids will still think he’s a vegetable. Him being red and Larry the Cucumber (he’s a CUCUMBER, NOT A PICKLE) create a nice contrast, and making them the main characters were just visually appealing.

Are VeggieTales Catholic?

VeggieTales is an American Christian computer generated musical children’s animation and Christian media franchise created by Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki under Big Idea Entertainment.

What is wrong with VeggieTales?

The Christian children’s cartoon ‘VeggieTales’ has been labeled as ‘dangerous’ and promoting racial stereotypes for making the villains colored by a group of students at a California college’s ‘Annual Whiteness Forum.

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Why does Bob the Tomato hate the song?

Bob’s feelings with the song In the first Minnesota Cuke film, the reason Bob seemed to dislike the song, is revealed to be that he likes the song, but the rest of the reason is obscured by Larry. And in Rack, Shack & Benny, Bob said, “Larry, you know how I feel about that song.”

Is there a potato in VeggieTales?

Henry is a character in VeggieTales. He is a potato who works as a coal miner in West Virginia, described as a laid-back but feisty potato. His first appearance is in God Wants Me To Forgive Them!?! in the advertisement for the Forgive-O-Matic.

Is Mr Nezzer black?

As Oogie Boogie’s voice actor Ken Page is naturally African-American, Mr. Nezzer was considered to be a stereotypical African-American. When The VeggieTales Show was put into production, as Phil managed to reprise most of his Veggie character roles, he was originally going to reprise Mr.

Is VeggieTales Mormon?

“We don’t get too specific with any particular religious doctrine or any particular religious denomination.” Vischer said he understands the network’s position. “’VeggieTales is religious, NBC is not,” he said. “I want to focus people more on ‘Isn’t it cool that Bob and Larry are on television.”’

What type of tomato is Bob?

Bob is one of the only characters in the franchise who is a tomato. Bob, his parents, and Joe are the only tomatoes in the series to date. Given his size and shape, Bob appears to be a Hot House tomato, the most common type of tomato.

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What happened to Larry the Cucumber?

He was replaced as host in Josh and the Big Wall and Abe And The Amazing Promise by Junior Asparagus and in Sumo of the Opera by the little cucumber puppet Lutfi. He also acts as the host for the intermission segment “Silly Songs with Larry”.

Who is the creator of VeggieTales?

Mike Nawrocki, Lipscomb University professor and co-creator of the children’s animated series VeggieTales, is working on a new children’s animation project filled with stories and themes from the New Testament of the Bible.

What is in the Bible with Buck Denver?

Product Description. Buck Denver Asks What’s in the Bible? Volume 1 is the first installment of the 13-DVD series from VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer. We know the stories of Moses, Noah, David, and Jesus, but in this groundbreaking new series, we learn how they all fit together to tell one big, redemptive story.

What ethnicity is Mr Lunt?

Lunt is a character in VeggieTales. He is a Mexican-Spanish decorative gourd who plays a wide variety of characters in the show. He first appears in Rack, Shack and Benny as the assistant of Mr.

Are junior and Archibald related?

Even though they’re not related, both he and Junior share the same birthday. He is one of the few characters to star in a VeggieTales movie along with Mr. Lunt, Larry, and Pa Grape. His first appearance was in VeggieTales Promo: Take 38.

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