What is the final wire for braces?

The final wire is the largest, stiffest, and has the ability to be bent. This wire allows for fine detailing through minor wire bends.

How often are braces wires changed?

In order to achieve this, wire change appointments should occur every 4 weeks. Teeth are moving very fast during Stage 1 so it’s important to take advantage of the movement and mobility of teeth. Do not let patient appointment intervals extend beyond 6 to 8 weeks as is protocol with standard treatment.

Are braces wires heat activated?

traditional stainless steel wires. Thermal NiTi wires are flexible at room temperature and they are easy to engage into the braces on the teeth. Over time, the warmth of the mouth “activates” these wires and they begin to gradually reshape, gently moving teeth into position.

How long is the final stage of braces?

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The next portion of the treatment is the longer portion of your treatment and can take anywhere from 12 to 18 months to complete. It involves correcting your bite so that your aligned teeth now fit together. The process of aligning your teeth has the knock on effect of changing the way they fit together in your mouth.

How long do you wear finishing wires?

These are all part of moving or guiding the teeth onto the wire and into the correct positions. Usually worn for between 2 and 6 months, patient-elastics guide the teeth in to the best possible biting position and help achieve the best possible result in the quickest time.

What happens if braces are not tightened?

There is no danger to your dental health or harmful side effects if you don’t get your braces tightened. But as we stated earlier, braces lose their grip on your teeth when your teeth move because of the gradual pressure. Thus braces will remain ineffective till the time they are tightened or adjusted.

How long can you go without tightening your braces?

Yes- you can go a few months without an orthodontic adjustment, and it will not cause any damage to your teeth. It may, however, add 2 to 3 months to your treatment time. Orthodontic wires can continue to straighten teeth for several months after being placed.

How many times do braces get tightened?

We need to adjust your braces every 4-6 weeks in order to monitor the movement of your teeth. Otherwise, your teeth may shift in an unwanted direction, which may affect the overall health of your teeth. This may even extend treatment time.

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Can braces wire rust?

While braces are often made of metal, they do not rust. The metals in braces are stainless steel and titanium, so you don’t have to worry about them rusting in your mouth.

What is a steel tie for braces?

Steel Tie: A thin metal wire that is tied over the wire around one bracket, for a secure hold, and it takes the place of an O-ring. E-chain: The rubber colors that are connected in a line and are put around the brackets to help close spacing and hold the wire in place.

What type of braces work the fastest?

While the speed of the process is highly determined by the type of issue you are dealing with, most experts seem to agree that the clear aligners are the quickest way to straighten your teeth.

Does cold water help braces?

Ice cold water is a great, inexpensive way to ease discomfort after you get your braces tightened. The cold temperature provides a numb sensation in the mouth and decreases inflammation in the sore gums. Your teeth will very likely be sensitive as they shift after your braces are tightened.

What is a NiTi wire?

NiTi wires are designed to help your teeth move into their proper positions more effectively, making your treatment shorter and much more comfortable. Our practice uses heat-activated NiTi wires because they combine shape memory and elasticity with excellent mechanical properties.

Are rubber bands the last stage of braces?

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Rubber bands are used to correct your bite to its ideal position. Simply put: Your braces will not come off until your bite is correct, so your cooperation to wear your rubber bands faithfully is essential to complete your treatment as soon as possible.

Do orthodontist whiten teeth after braces?

When Your Braces Come Off Depending on your oral health habits, your teeth might actually be darker if you had foods with dyes, tooth decay problems or didn’t brush and floss often. If your teeth aren’t white, don’t fret! Most patients do teeth whitening after their braces to get their new straight smile sparkling.

When do you start wearing rubber bands for braces?

As for when you start wearing rubber bands for braces, our patients usually start wearing elastic bands 4-6 months into their treatment plan.

What do triangles do for braces?

Triangle: Triangle elastics are worn to help close an open bite. Triangle elastics are hooked on the first hook on the upper arch down to the first two hooks on the lower arch. Cross: A cross elastic is worn to correct a cross bite.

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