What is the name of NH4 2S?

Ammonium sulfide ((NH4)2S) exhibits high reactivity as a sulfide reagent in anion exchange reactions that transform CoO to cobalt sulfide nanoparticles (NPs).

What is the formula of sulphide?

Sulfide is an inorganic anion of sulfur with the chemical formula S2− or a compound containing one or more S2− ions.

What is NH4+ and S2?

The compound (NH4)2S ( N H 4 ) 2 S is formed from the cation ammonium (NH+4 N H 4 + ) and the sulfide anion (S2− ). As a result, the name of this compound is ammonium sulfide.

Which is correct sulfide or sulphide?

sulfide, also spelled sulphide, any of three classes of chemical compounds containing the element sulfur. The three classes of sulfides include inorganic sulfides, organic sulfides (sometimes called thioethers), and phosphine sulfides.

What is the formula for Ca2+ and P3?

Ca2+ and P3-‐ form Ca3P2 which is called calcium phosphide. We chose the number in the chemical formula so that the overall charge was zero.

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Is NH4 ammonium?

NH4+ is the ammonium ion. It has a positive charge and a molecular weight of 18g/mol. NH3-N represents the Nitrogen content of the ammonia, NH4-N is the nitrogen content of the ammonium ion.

Is sulphur and sulphide same?

Sulphur is a chemical compound with the symbol S and has the atomic number 16. Sulphide is an inorganic anion of sulphur. It has the chemical formula S2-. Sulphur is sometimes found in the pure form but mostly occurs as sulphide or minerals of sulfate.

Is sulphate and sulphide the same?

– The oxidation state of sulphur in sulphate is +6. – The oxidation state of sulphur in sulphide is ‘-2’. – The main difference between sulphite, sulphate, and sulphide is the number of oxygen atoms and the oxidation state of the sulphur present in the respective derivatives.

What is difference between sulfate and sulfide?

As nouns the difference between sulfide and sulfate is that sulfide is (chemistry) any compound of sulfur and a metal or other electropositive element or group while sulfate is (organic chemistry) any ester of sulfuric acid.

What is the formula of cuprous bromide?

Cuprous Bromide is also known as Bromocopper, Copper Monobromide, Copper I Bromide, Cuprous Bromide, 7787-70-4, AG-H-12192, Copper bromide (CuBr), AC1L2NJJ, AC1Q23SS and comes with Molecular Formula of BrCu and Molecular Weight of 143.45.

How many ammonium ions are in NH4 2CO3?

Explanation: The chemical formula for ammonium carbonate is (NH4)2CO3 . The formula indicates that in one mole of ammonium carbonate, there are two moles of ammonium ions, NH4+ .

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What is the formula of the compound containing Al3+ and OH ions?

Al(OH)3 is an ionic compound. Ionic compounds are named for the ions that are present, and prefixes aren’t used. The compound Al(OH)3 contains the aluminum ion (Al3+) and the hydroxide ion (OH−) . The name of this ionic compound is aluminum hydroxide.

What is the formula for Ca2+ and O2?

For example, combining Ca2+ and O2- using the criss- cross method gives Ca2O2, which when reduced to the lowest whole number ratio gives CaO. 2-, the resulting formula is Fe2(SO4)3, not Fe2SO43.

What is ammonium?

The major use of ammonia is as a fertilizer. In the United States, it is usually applied directly to the soil from tanks containing the liquefied gas. The ammonia can also be in the form of ammonium salts, such as ammonium nitrate, NH4NO3, ammonium sulfate, (NH4)2SO4, and various ammonium phosphates.

How is ammonium made?

Ammonium ions, NH4+, are formed by the transfer of a hydrogen ion from the hydrogen chloride to the lone pair of electrons on the ammonia molecule. The hydrogen’s electron is left behind on the chlorine to form a negative chloride ion.

What is the formula of hydroxide?

Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C [77 °F], 100 kPa). Hydroxide is a diatomic anion with chemical formula OH−. It consists of an oxygen and hydrogen atom held together by a single covalent bond, and carries a negative electric charge.

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What is ammonium hydroxide used for?

Ammonium Hydroxide is a colorless solution of Ammonia in water with a pungent odor. It is usually found in concentrations up to 30% and is used in household cleaners, photography, and fertilizers, textiles, rubber, and pharmaceuticals, and is also used as a refrigerant. determine potentially hazardous exposures.

What is sulphide ore?

Sulfide ores, which are generally mined from underground and often found in conjunction with copper-bearing ores, contain copper–iron sulfides in association with nickel–iron sulfides. The principal sulfide mineral of nickel is pentlandite [(NiFe)9S8].

Which is a soluble sulphide?

The sulfides of all metals except barium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and ammonium are insoluble in water. BaS, CaS, and MgS are sparingly soluble. 7. The hydroxides of sodium, potassium, and ammonium are very soluble in water.

Is zinc a sulfide?

Zinc sulfide (ZnS), a naturally occurring salt, is the main source of zinc. It has two common crystalline forms (polymorphs): Sphalerite (“zinc blende”), with a cubic crystal structure, is the form that predominates in nature. The most common use of ZnS is as a pigment for paints, plastics, and rubber.

Where is sulfide found?

Hydrogen sulfide is found naturally in crude petroleum and natural gas. It is also produced through the bacterial breakdown of organic matter. Hydrogen sulfide can be produced by decomposing human and animal waste, and is found in sewage treatment plants and livestock areas.

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