What religion was Titus Salt?

Bust of Titus Salt (not then a baronet) presented to him by his workforce in 1856 and now in Saltaire United Reformed Church.

What wool did Salts Mill use?

In 1835, Titus Salt set up on his own in business when the family partnership was dissolved. He had made extensive use of Donskoi wool from Eastern Europe and had begun to experiment with alpaca wool, in secret, from 1834.

When did salts mills close?

By the 1980s the British textile industry was in steep decline. Production was scaled back and Salts Mill was finally closed in 1986.

Where is Milner’s house?

But Milner Field, in Saltaire, is now a ‘lost’ mansion – razed to the ground because of the tragic fates of the people who lived there.

What did Titus Salt change?

Sir Titus Salt (20 September 1803 – 29 December 1876) was a successful businessman who helped improve conditions for his workers, building a model factory and village in Saltaire (near Bradford).

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How long did it take to build Salts Mill?

Saltaire was built in the Italian style and took 20 years to complete. Every house in the village had sanitation and gas supply. There was also a hospital, school, park and church, as well as public baths and wash houses.

Who built Salts Mill?

Salts Mill opened in 1853 as a vision of a better future. The brainchild of Sir Titus Salt, the Mill was a vast, vertically integrated cloth manufacturing operation next to the Leeds Liverpool Canal and the River Aire. Sir Titus also built the model village of Saltaire just outside the mill gates.

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Why did Titus Salt choose Saltaire?

The name ‘Saltaire’ comes from Sir Titus’ surname and the river Aire that flows next to the town. Titus wanted a brand new, ‘state of the art’ mill with all the latest technology, and in 1851 he closed the small mills that he owned and brought everything to Saltaire to create one ‘supermill’.

Where is Sir Titus Salt buried?

In 1876 the last building in Saltaire was completed, and later that year Sir Titus Salt died at his home. Bradford gave him a civic funeral, watched by 100,000 people. He is buried in the mausoleum at Saltaire Congregational Church, opposite the mill.

Why is Saltaire called Saltaire?

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Saltaire takes its name from its founder, Sir Titus Salt (1803-1876), and the River Aire, which runs through the village. Salt made his fortune in the Bradford textile industry, manufacturing fine woollen fabrics. Salts Mill, a vast and ultra-efficient textile factory, was the first building to be complete in 1853.

What is Salts Mill used for?

When Salts Mill opened in 1853, it was the biggest factory in the world. 3000 workers toiled away at 1200 looms, producing 30,000 yards of cloth every single day. In a twenty five year building spree, Salt also built housing, a church, schools and almshouses for his work force.

How many houses are in Saltaire village?

There were 824 houses in the village, accommodating 4,500 people. Everyone living in the village worked in the Mill and your tenancy depended upon your continued work there – if you lost your job, you lost your house.

How do you get to Milner Field ruins?

To discover the ruins for yourself, drive to the end of Higher Coach Road (BD17 5RH). Park on the left-hand side, just before the unmade road begins. You can set off on the path, crossing over the bridge, and following the road straight ahead.

Was Titus Salt a philanthropist?

A blue plaque has been unveiled at the Yorkshire birthplace of a Victorian mill owner and philanthropist. Sir Titus Salt, who made his fortune in the textile industry, built Saltaire mill near Bradford and an adjoining village for his workers.

How much money did Titus Salt have?

2. When Salt died, he had accumulated a fortune worth a staggering £450,000,000, making him one of the richest men in Britain at the time.

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Is Saltaire still open?

Go to the Saltaire Attractions page > Saltaire is a village where people live, so is OPEN EVERY DAY for visitors. You don’t have to book to come here, and there’s no charge. Salts Mill is open every day, except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. It is free to enter.

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When was Titus Salt born?

Titus Salt was born 20 September, 1803 into better circumstances. He was the first child of seven born to Daniel and Grace Salt, and when Titus was ten, the family moved to a farm in Wakefield, away from the health damaging smog surrounding the mills in Bradford.

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