What scales are used in blues?

The scales used most often for soloing in blues-influenced music are minor and major pentatonic. As its name implies, a pentatonic scale consists of five tones, as penta means ‘five’ and tonic means ‘tone’.

Which is the best blues scale?

This scale reigns supreme as the chief source for carving those major/minor blues-based licks that sound so good over dominant 7th chords. Hybrid scales combine two different scales that share the same root.

What are the 12 blues scales?

When playing a twelve bar blues in the key of Bb, use the Bb blues scale anywhere in the chord progression: Bb, Db, Eb, E, F, Ab, Bb (If you’re playing an F blues, use the F blues scale, etc.) The blues scale can also be used over minor chords when the minor chord is sounded for 2, 4, 8, or 16 measures or longer.

What is the C blues scale?

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What are the notes of the C Minor Blues Scale? The notes of the C Minor Blues Scale are C Eb F F# G and Bb. You can think of this scale as a modification of the C Major Scale using the following scale degrees: 1, flat 3, 4, sharp 4, 5, and flat 7.

What is the B flat blues scale?

The Bb Blues scale is a six-note scale. In the fingerboard diagrams the notes in the scale are marked out with blue circles (root notes in darker color). The scale is displayed in a two-octave pattern and in the five main fingerboard positions.

Are blues scales major or minor?

The heptatonic, or seven-note, conception of the blues scale is as a diatonic scale (a major scale) with lowered third, fifth, and seventh degrees, which is equivalent to the dorian ♭5 scale, the second mode of the harmonic major scale.

What is the formula for the blues scale?

Blues scales formula The formula for this new minor blues scale is 1 – ♭3 – 4 – ♭5 – ♮5 – ♭7. In vocal styles, the pitch of the flat fifth scale degree is bent up and down for added inflection, expressive power, and emotional impact.

Is blues played in major or minor?

However, most people agree that the blues scale is a variation on the major and minor pentatonic scales, and those pentatonic scales are derived from the major scale and the natural minor scale. We can connect all these scales with a little bit of music theory.

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Which 3 chords are commonly used in blues?

A common type of three-chord song is the simple twelve-bar blues used in blues and rock and roll. Typically, the three chords used are the chords on the tonic, subdominant, and dominant (scale degrees I, IV and V): in the key of C, these would be the C, F and G chords.

What is the difference between pentatonic and blues scale?

, Professional guitarist and music tutor. The difference is that the blues scale has one extra note compared to the minor pentatonic scale. This extra note is known as the ‘b5’ and it creates extreme tension when played with emphasis over a major or minor chord of the same root.

How do you practice blues scales?

Another great way to practice the blues scales on guitar is to spend time playing each shape up and down the neck of your guitar. Starting with the E-shaped blues scale, play each scale ascending and descending, beginning at the first fret and moving up one fret for each repetition of the shape.

What are the most popular blues chords?

E major is the most common blues key on guitar, so you could think of E7 as the 1 chord, A7 as the 4 chord and B7 as the 5 chord.

What chords are in the C blues scale?

For example, a song in the C Blues scale would mainly use the chords C7, F7 and G7, and the notes of these are shown below. The Blues scale fits well with all of these chords because it contains the defining root note and flat seventh note of each one of them. It also contains F#, a tritone away from the key note of C.

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What is the 12-bar blues progression?

A 12-bar blues progression is a set chord progression that repeats every 12 bars of music. You’ll play the 1 chord for four measures, the 4 chord for two measures, the 1 chord for two measures, the 5 chord for one measure, the 4 chord for one measure, the 1 chord for one measure, then the 5 chord for the last measure.

What is pentatonic scale?

pentatonic scale, also called five-note scale or five-tone scale, musical scale containing five different tones. It is thought that the pentatonic scale represents an early stage of musical development, because it is found, in different forms, in most of the world’s music.

Is 12 bar blues major or minor?

Twelve Bar Blues Variations One of the most obvious ways is that it can be played in any key! It can also be played in both major and minor keys. 12 bar blues in a minor key gives a fantastic moody feel to a song! You will often find that composers change the chord in the 2nd bar from Chord I to Chord IV.

How many bars does A traditional blues have?

The most common musical form of blues is the 12-bar blues. The term “12-bar” refers to the number of measures, or musical bars, used to express the theme of a typical blues song.

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