What simplified 16 5?

165 is already in the simplest form. It can be written as 3.2 in decimal form (rounded to 6 decimal places).

How do you write 16 5 as a mixed number?

What is 16/5 as a mixed number? Divide the numerator by the denominator (16 ÷ 5 = 3 R 1). Your answer is the whole number and your remainder becomes the numerator of the fraction next to the whole number, so your answer is 3 1/5.

What is the remainder of 16 divided by 5?

Using a calculator, if you typed in 16 divided by 5, you’d get 3.2. You could also express 16/5 as a mixed fraction: 3 1/5. If you look at the mixed fraction 3 1/5, you’ll see that the numerator is the same as the remainder (1), the denominator is our original divisor (5), and the whole number is our final answer (3).

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How do you solve 5 divided by 16?

Using a calculator, if you typed in 5 divided by 16, you’d get 0.3125. You could also express 5/16 as a mixed fraction: 0 5/16.

What is a fraction in simplest form?

A fraction is in simplest form if the top and bottom have no common factors other than 1. In other words, you cannot divide the top and bottom any further and have them still be whole numbers. You might also hear simplest form called “lowest terms”. You can divide both the numerator and denominator by 3.

What is the quotient of 16 5 as a mixed number?

Answer: 16/5 as a mixed number is 3 1/5 Let us see the steps to convert an improper fraction to mixed numbers.

What is an example of a improper fraction?

An improper fraction is a fraction whose numerator is equal to or greater than its denominator. 3/4, 2/11, and 7/19 are proper fractions, while 5/2, 8/5, and 12/11 are improper fractions.

Is 5/16 a terminating decimal?

It consists only of twos. Hence, the decimal representation of 5/16 should terminate. The zero remainder terminates the process. Hence, 5/16 = 0.3125.

How do you solve 13 divided by 16?

Using a calculator, if you typed in 13 divided by 16, you’d get 0.8125. You could also express 13/16 as a mixed fraction: 0 13/16.

Can you simplify 3 16?

As you can see, 3/16 cannot be simplified any further, so the result is the same as we started with.

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What is 6 tenths simplified?

3 over 5 may be the simplest form of six tenths, if you divide each side by two, then you’ll find its impossible to continue simplifying, thus giving yu three over five.

What is into a mixed number?

Converting a fraction to a mixed number is like putting stuff in containers. To turn a fraction into a mixed number, all you have to do is divide the numerator by the denominator and then leave the remainder as a fraction. In the above example, we have 135 where 5″>13>5.

What is 15.16 as a mixed number?

You would change 0.16 into the fraction 16100 . You could further simplify it into 425 . You would combine the two parts as 15425 .

How do you simplify improper fractions?

To simplify an improper fraction, start by turning it into a mixed number by dividing the numerator by the denominator. Then, turn the remainder into a fraction by placing it over the denominator of the original fraction. If necessary, simplify the final fraction to get your answer.

Why do we use improper fractions?

A mixed number tells us how many whole numbers and parts we have, and an improper fraction tells us how many total parts we have when the parts make up at least one whole. They’re just two ways of saying the same thing 👯. sections to learn more about improper fractions and mixed numbers and test your understanding.

How do you solve 16 divided by 25?

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Using a calculator, if you typed in 16 divided by 25, you’d get 0.64. You could also express 16/25 as a mixed fraction: 0 16/25.

How do you solve 16 divided by 12?

16 divided by 12 is equal to 1 with a remainder of 4, or when written as a decimal it is 1 1/3: 16 / 12 = 1 R. 4. 16 / 12 = 1 1/3.

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