When did 75-80 Dragway close?

Situated near the intersection of Routes 75 and 80 in Monrovia, Maryland, the track first opened in the early 1960’s and ran continuously through 2005, when it was supposedly closed for good.

Who owns Capitol Raceway?

Track owner Jim “Big Money” Bradshaw is always willing to try new approaches in the racing programs. Through that effort there has been considerable growth of participation in the IHRA Summit SuperSeries with racers at the track.

Why was Capitol Raceway closed?

The drag strip operated by NHRA Pro Stock team owner Jim Cunningham, Capitol Raceway is currently closed. The reasons for this closure appear to stem from a dispute over the lease on the track.

Where is Budds Creek?

Budds Creek is located approximately 1½ from Baltimore, 1 hour from downtown Washington, D.C. and approximately 1½ hours from Richmond, VA directly off Maryland Highway 234 in scenic Southern Maryland.

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Who owns No Problem Raceway?

Pat Joffrion spent two years and much of his life’s savings turning a large tract of Louisiana sugar cane, 30 miles outside of Baton Rouge, into the No Problem Raceway Park. Opened in 2001, the raceway has two amateur racetracks: a 4,000-foot drag strip and a 1.8-mile winding racecourse.

Is Cecil County Dragway open today?


What time does Budds Creek Open?


Who won NPK at No Problem Raceway?

Jeff Lutz has had a tough year. But he’s going to end the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings season on a high note. He defeated Dean “Disco Dean” Kearns in the final round at No Problem Raceway on Saturday night in Belle Rose, Louisiana. Lutz is now $40,000 richer.

When did No Problem Raceway open?

The road course opened in June of 2001. The drag strip opened on 10/21/2001. In September of 2009, the road course (and apparently the underlying property) was sold to new owners and now operates as Circuit Grand Bayou.

How much is it to rent the Cecil County Dragway?

The cost for a group of 10-15 on a Friday from 10 – 4 w/out track prep is $2,000. Track prep adds another $900 (I assume both lanes). I’ve checked around at some other dragways and this is a very competitive rate. So basically, If we can get 15 folks, a day of racing would run just a little under $200 for the day.

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Are dirt bikes legal in Maryland?

Dirt bikes can be driven on roadways or public property only as a motor vehicle, meaning they must be properly registered and tagged as a motorcycle and the proper license must be in possession. They cannot be operated as an off-road vehicle within 300 feet of a residence.

What does ATV stand for?

The Definition of ATV An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is defined as a motorized off-highway vehicle designed to travel on four low-pressure or non-pneumatic tires, having a seat designed to be straddled by the operator and handlebars for steering control. Similarly, riders must also consider the various ATV sizes.

Who won the NPK 2021?

Street Outlaws competitor Ryan Martin has won the 2021 Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Championship. This is his second straight championship. Martin’s two Championships have come over three seasons.

Who won the 2021 NPK?

Ryan Martin takes home the 2021 NPK Championship! It comes as no shocker to anyone that follows the NPK series that Ryan Martin and his crew were set on winning this year’s Championship from the start.

Who won NPK last night?

Lizzy Musi Triumphant in the Return of ‘Bonnie,’ Wins Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings in Tucson. Eight weeks after a harrowing top-end crash at Darlington Dragway, Lizzy Musi and the Musi Racing team pulled off an incredible turnaround, winning the Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings event at Tucson Dragway.

Who owns Beaver Springs Dragway?

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That was certainly the case in 2019, a challenging year with one of the wettest spring and summer on record. The weather issues caused other problems, but the staff led by track owner Mike McCracken and the group of racers at Beaver Springs persevered to finish the season on a high note.

How much does it cost to get in Numidia Dragway?

The entry fee is $50 per class (each class, top and bottom, is a separate entry fee for racers who choose to participate in both).

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