Who is Bowen Perrin?

An ambitious Sales & Development Manager experienced in the logistics, supply-chain and pharmaceutical fields.

Who is Letitia Deans husband in Holby City?

One aspect of Letitia’s life fans may be familiar with is her relationship with actor Jason Pethers, who portrayed Rob Greening in Holby City. The pair were engaged in 2001 and later married in 2002.

How old is Shirley in EastEnders?

The 61-year-old actress is famed for playing the hardfaced, tough nut Walford resident – and viewers couldn’t believe how different she is in real life.

How old is Sharon Watts in real life?

She is a jewel in Walford’s crown and one of the most familiar faces in modern British television. Known as “Queen Sharon,” the 53-year-old from Potters Bar graced the square as an original cast member from the very first episode which broadcast in February 1985.

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How did Letitia Dean lose weight?

After years of dieting and self-esteem issues, Letitia decided to embark on an exercise regime with the trainer who had helped Letitia’s fellow EastEnders mates Charlie Brooks and Natalie Cassidy to shed pounds. “I just woke up one morning, and I’d had enough,” Letitia told the Daily Record in 2009.

Why does Sharon always wear black in EastEnders?

Since her son Denny tragically died in a boat accident earlier this year, Sharon has been inclined towards wearing black – the colour of mourning. However, her decision to finally wear a bright colour again hints she is finally ready to start embracing life once more.

Who is Scarlett butchers dad?

Michael Moon made his first appearance on 1 October 2010. He is the father of Scarlett and Tommy Moon and ex-husband of Janine Butcher.

How old is Kat in EastEnders?

30 year old Kat Slater arrives in Walford on 18 September 2000, along with her family: father Charlie Slater, sisters Lynne, Little Mo, and Zoe Slater, with grandmother Mo Harris and brother-in-law Garry Hobbs. Kat embarks on a brief fling with Steve Owen, much to the annoyance of his girlfriend Mel Owen.

Did Shirley shoot Phil?

Dejected, Shirley admits her affair with Phil after the wedding and when Phil rejects her, she shoots him.

What age is Linda in EastEnders?

Linda Carter was born on 1st July 1977, making her 43-years-old. As for actress Kellie Bright, she was born on 1st July 1976, making her one year older than her character at 44-years-old.

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Is Shirley and Tina related in real life?

Luisa Bradshaw-White’s Tina Carter is the mother of Zsa Zsa Carter – who appeared on the soap in 2010, three years before her mother made her screen debut. Tina’s on-screen sister is Shirley Carter (played by Linda Henry) and the sisters have a close relationship.

How long Brian May been married?

Anita has been married to Brian since 2000, and said there were periods when she questioned whether or not their lives would return to normal.

How old is Brian May?

How old is Brian May? Brian Harold May was born and raised in Hampton, Middlesex. He is best known as the lead guitarist of the rock band Queen. Brian was born on 19 July, 1947, making him 74 years old.

Why did Sharon change her baby’s name?

EastEnders have confirmed that Sharon changed baby Kayden’s name during lockdown. Viewers also noted that the inclusion of the ‘den’ in her grandson’s name was a tribute to the Watts’ legacy, in that it paid tribute to fallen family members Dennis.

Is Letitia Dean still slim?

Letitia may be slim now, but maintaining a healthy weight hasn’t always been easy. In the public eye, she often received nasty comments about her size. Speaking on EastEnders’ spin-off show Secrets from the Square last year, Letitia revealed: “I had quite a lot of horrible things said about me.

Does Letitia Dean wear hair extensions?

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Letitia Dean who plays Sharon wears Balmain Hair Fill-In extensions. Hair by Celebrity Stylist, Charley McEwen.

How old is Sharon Mitchell in EastEnders in real life?

EastEnders confirm Sharon Mitchell, 50, and step-daughter Louise, 18, will give birth to Keanu’s babies at Christmas.

Who owns Grumpy Goat Tavern?

The Grumpy Goat Tavern has opened in Ankeny and features a rooftop bar and patio. Owner Steve McFadden said the 6,700-square-foot restaurant and bar at 810 E. First St. seats about 350 inside and out.

Where does Phil Mitchell live?

Cobra Kai Season 4 – The Loop 55 Victoria Road (“Pytchley”) is a house along Victoria Road, Walford. The house backs onto Albert Square, Walford. The house is currently owned by Phil Mitchell.

How old is Ian Beale?

The 53-year-old, who has played EastEnders’ Ian Beale since 1985, wants to show TV viewers he’s not ike whinging Ian in real life.

How old is Dot Cotton in real life?

June Brown has become a household name thanks to her 35 year stint playing Dot Cotton in the BBC’s long-running soap Eastenders. The 94-year-old star graced our screens for over three decades as the devout Christian laundrette assistant, and became a much-loved character during her time on the show.

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