Who was missing from Steps on Graham Norton?

Steps – Ready for The Graham Norton Show tonight with Michelle Visage πŸ’”πŸ™οΈπŸŽ€ missing you Lisa Scott-Lee! Tonight at 10:30pm on BBC One!

Is Steps back together?

In November 2017, Tozer announced that the reunion was no longer just a 20th-anniversary celebration and that the group intends to continue after their 2018 Summer of Steps tour. In April 2018, Richards announced that following their summer tour, they would begin work on their sixth studio album.

Where is Lisa Scott-Lee in Steps?

Steps star Lisa Scott-Lee now working as a school headteacher after moving to Dubai. Her first pop hit sounded like something from a maths lesson – so it is fitting Lisa Scott-Lee is now a headteacher.

Why does Lisa from Steps live in Dubai?

Lisa, who recently took a break from Steps promo for their single with Michelle Visage, Heartbreak in this City, as she was forced to stay in the Middle East due to coronavirus restrictions, told the Mirror: ‘Steps is my life. It has been my life for the last 24 years, but being principal of the school is my day job.

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Why did Steps disband?

The official line was that it was a unanimous decision from a group wanting to bow out while they were still on top; in reality, members Claire Richards and Ian β€œH” Watkins had told the rest of the group on December 22 2001 – their final night on tour – that they both wanted out.

Where are Steps now?

In a dramatic turnaround since Steps disbanded, Lisa Scott-Lee now runs a performing arts school in Dubai. Lisa, 45, took on the job after moving to the United Arab Emirates with her Hear’Say star husband Johnny Shentall, 42, and their two children.

Is Lisa Scott-Lee still married?

Lisa a 42-year-old Welsh singer-songwriter best known for being in 90s band Steps. She is married to former Hear’Say singer Johnny Shentall, who she has two children with: Jaden and Star. He later appeared in Pop Idol and was previously married to Michelle Heaton.

Is Claire still in Steps?

Claire Richards (born 17 August 1977) is an English singer-songwriter and dancer in the pop group Steps from 1997 until she left the band in 2001. The group reformed in 2011. She is the youngest member of Steps.

Are Steps still together 2021?

Steps have shared a snap of themselves reuniting for the first time since announcing they have got back together. The group shared a selfie looking in good spirits as they prepare for the release of their new album What The Future Holds and their 2021 tour.

Who is in Steps now 2021?

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The current Steps line-up is exactly the same as it was in 1997, when they became hitmakers. The members are: Lee Latchford-Evans, Claire Richards, Lisa Scott-Lee, Faye Tozer, Ian ‘H’ Watkins.

Does Lee Sing in Steps?

Lee Latchford-Evans (born 28 January 1975) is an English singer, dancer, stage actor, personal trainer, and one of the five singers of the British pop group Steps. …

Is Lisa Scott-Lee pregnant?

FORMER Steps singer Lisa Scott-Lee has revealed she’s pregnant with baby number two. The Dancing on Ice star, whose first son Jaden was born in February last year, is delighted to be expecting another new baby with husband Johnny Shentall.

Who is Lisa from Steps husband?

Lisa Scott-Lee first shot to fame as part of iconic band Steps, but it wasn’t just fame she found back in the 90s. The singer met her now husband Johnny in 1999, when he successfully auditioned to be a backing dancer with the band.

Why is H from Steps called H?

He is a Welsh singer, dancer and stage actor, known for being in Steps. Ian says that the nickname “H” stands for “hyperactive”, describing his character. After leaving Art college, Ian’s big break came when he answered an ad for a pop band – that turned out to be Steps.

Did Steps hate each other?

Now in episode nine of my Bizarre Life podcast, H – who formed a duo with Claire after the break-up – indicated for the first time bad blood still bubbles under the surface. He said: β€œI love these guys and I hate them at the same time. β€œI’ve known them for 20 years and they know I don’t mean it maliciously.

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Is H from Steps married?

The singer is father to twin boys Macsen and Cybi, five, who were born via a surrogate in 2016, but says he has been a single parent “virtually from the beginning” after splitting from his former partner Craig Ryder the following year.

Who died out of Steps?

Paul Gray, lead singer of the 1980s Australian pop band Wa Wa Nee, has died of cancer. Photo: Robison Godlove 2017.

Why did Claire leave Steps?

Claire has also confirmed that the Steps split was due to division in the Steps campaign. Speaking to the Sun, Claire said that two camps developed. Claire said: β€œTo those in the business it was always Claire and H together with Lisa, Faye and Lee elsewhere.

Are Steps married?

The West London-born singer is married to Reece Hill, and they are parents to Charlie, 13, and Daisy, 10. They hoped to add to her family with a third baby, but found it hard.

Why has Michelle Visage done a song with Steps?

‘ Michelle explained that the collab came about after she and Steps member Faye Tozer struck up a friendship, as they had both been paired with professional dancer Giovanni Pernice on Strictly.

Is Lisa Scott-Lee a teacher?

Her first pop hit sounded like something from a maths lesson so perhaps it is fitting Lisa Scott-Lee is now a teacher. The Steps star, who hit the charts with 5, 6, 7, 8, now runs a performing arts school in Dubai and to the 600 pupils she’s simply β€œMiss Lisa”.

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