Who was really singing in the Temptations movie?

His singing was done by Louis Price, a former member of the Temptations who sang with them in the 70’s. The only time Leon’s singing voice can be heard was in the scene where Otis and Melvin visit David’s apartment to warn him.

What are the temptations movie on Netflix?

Told chiefly through the viewpoint of founding member Otis Williams (Charles Malik Whitfield), this biographical miniseries — based on the book by Williams and Shelly Berger — chronicles one of Motown’s most influential singing groups.

Who is Otis Williams mother?

Williams was born Otis Miles, Jr. in Texarkana, Texas to Otis Miles and Hazel Louise Williams. The couple separated shortly after their son’s birth. While he was still a toddler, his mother married and moved to Detroit, Michigan, leaving the younger Otis Miles to be raised by both of his grandmothers in Texarkana.

What happened to Otis Williams first wife?

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From 1967 to 1973 he was married to Ann Cain, and in 1983 he married Arleata Williams, but they divorced in 1997.

Are Paul Williams and Otis Williams related?

Paul would remain a lesser-known name than either Ruffin or Kendricks, despite his great vocal presence and pivotal role in the rise of the classic five-piece line-up, alongside Melvin Franklin and the sole survivor in the modern-day Temptations, Otis (no relation) Williams. …

Who was the tallest temptation?

At 6′ 5″, he was the tallest member of ‘The Temptation’. The runners-up are Richard Street and David Ruffin who stand 6′ 4″ and 6′ 3″. In the early part of his tenure with The Temptations, his performances were often interrupted by David Ruffin, whom Edwards replaced.

When was Otis Williams born?

role in the Temptations … members of the group were Otis Williams (original name Otis Miles; b. October 30, 1941, Texarkana, Texas, U.S.), Paul Williams (b.

Who was Patti LaBelle engaged to?

After being engaged to Williams for a year, LaBelle had second thoughts about walking down the aisle when he expressed that he wanted her to retire and move to Detroit with him so she decided to break things off. Five years later, she wed a former school teacher named Armstead Edwards.

What happened to Melvin from the Temptations?

Melvin Franklin, the original bass singer of the perennially popular Temptations who anchored such hits as “The Way You Do the Things You Do” and “My Girl,” died Thursday. He was 52. Franklin died of heart failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a week after he was admitted following a series of seizures.

What app is the movie temptations on?

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The Temptations, a drama series starring Leon, Terron Brooks, and DB Woodside is available to stream now. Watch it on Prime Video, Plex – Free Movies & TV, Philo, Crackle, Tubi – Free Movies & TV or Pluto TV – It’s Free TV on your Roku device.

What was Michael Jackson’s net worth?

In 2018, the figure was $400 million. It was the eighth year since his death that Jackson’s annual earnings were reported to be over $100 million, thus bringing Jackson’s postmortem total to $2.4 billion. In 2020, Forbes recognized Jackson as the top-earning dead celebrity each year since his death except 2012.

Is Eddie Kendricks death?

Eddie Kendricks, the former lead singer of the Temptations, one of the top male singing groups of the 1960’s, died on Monday at Baptist Medical Center-Princeton here. He was 52 years old and lived in this city. He died of lung cancer, said Betty Ingram, a hospital spokeswoman.

Did Smokey Robinson really sing at Melvin Franklin’s funeral?

Robinson finished his address by singing “Really Gonna Miss You,” a song he wrote for former Temptations member Melvin Franklin, who died in 1995. Robinson was one of many soul luminaries scheduled to appear at Franklin’s funeral, a group that included Stevie Wonder and Chaka Khan.

Which one of the Temptations had rheumatoid arthritis?

It was 25 years ago Sunday (February 23rd, 1995) that Temptations co-founder Melvin Franklin died at the age of 53. Franklin, who was the baritone voice of the Temps, had been ill for the past few years of his life, suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes, among other things.

What did Dennis Edwards died from?

Chicago police are investigating allegations that Dennis Edwards, a Grammy-winning singer with the Motown group the Temptations, was abused shortly before his death. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee died at a Chicago hospital Thursday from complications of meningitis, according to his wife, Brenda Edwards.

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Who is Dennis Edwards daughter?

Personal life and death The couple had one daughter, Issa Pointer, who became a member of her mother’s vocal group, The Pointer Sisters. Edwards moved to Florissant, Missouri in the 1980s to be closer to his mother.

Which pointer sister has a child with Dennis Edwards?

Malik is a singer. Her daughter Issa Pointer (born 1978), is from a 1977 marriage with former Temptations member Dennis Edwards.

How much was Marvin Gaye worth when he died?

Gaye’s net worth when he died According to Celebrity Net Worth, the recording artist had a net worth of -$9 million when he died.

Did Tammi Terrell and David Ruffin date?

During the Motortown Revue in 1966, Terrell embarked on a torrid romance with The Temptations lead singer David Ruffin. That year, Terrell accepted Ruffin’s surprise marriage proposal. After Terrell announced their engagement onstage during an appearance together, she discovered that he was already married.

What was Otis singing group in high school called?

As an adolescent, Williams became interested in music and joined with fellow classmates to form singing groups such as Otis Williams and the Siberians, The El Domingoes and The Distants.

Why did Otis Williams and Patti LaBelle break up?

“I think I was more in love with The Temptations than Otis Williams, who was a very sweet man. When Otis suggested that Patti move to Detroit and give up her singing career, she says she knew their relationship would never work.

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