Who was the Hairy Cornflake?

DLT – real name David Patrick Griffin – cut his broadcasting teeth on pirate radio in the 1960s before landing the job of Breakfast Show host on Radio 1. Dubbed the Hairy Cornflake he also became a regular fixture on the BBC’s Top of the Pops show spending more than two decades as one of its regular presenters.

Who presented Tune on Radio 1?

Our Tune is a long-standing feature/segment on British radio presented by broadcaster Simon Bates. Having begun by at least 1979 it was originally part of his mid-morning show on BBC Radio 1, where it aired daily throughout the 1980s and early 1990s.

What happened to Peter Powell?

Powell briefly returned to the radio limelight in 2006 to host a six-part show on Garrison FM called Peter Powell’s Popsicle. Powell is now a millionaire thanks to his business interests, and he reached 70 years on 24th March 2021. So, basically, the answer to our question is that he’s old and rich!

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What happened to Dave Lee?

Dave Lee, the affable voice of WCCO morning radio for more than 25 years, has announced his retirement plans. Lee, 66, shared his decision Friday with listeners while broadcasting from the makeshift studio in his basement. His last day will be April 30.

How old is Andrea Turner?

Who is Anthea Turner and how old is she? Anthea Millicent Turner is a 59-year-old television presenter and writer who was born in Stoke-on-Trent on May 25, 1960. She was one of three daughters born to her parents Brian and Jean Turner but her sister Ruth died at the age of 15.

Who said pop pickers?

BRITAIN:Disc jockey and broadcaster Alan Freeman, the man who coined the phase “greetings, pop pickers”, has died aged 79.

Has Anthea Turner re married?

The GMTV star got engaged in 2019 November 18, 2021 – 12:01 GMT Nichola Murphy. Anthea Turner got engaged to fiancé Mark Armstrong in 2019 just months after they started dating, and she recently opened up about how she knew her whirlwind romance was serious very quickly.

Where is Della Bovey now?

Della, who was incandescent when Bovey bolted with the former Blue Peter presenter Anthea 13 years ago and subsequently married Williams in 2001, now lives in the property with Logan, 50.

Is Dave Lee sick?

As of now, David is free from any type of illness. However, in 2020 he went lower back surgery which made his fans worried about his health. Fortunately, he is healthy and is in good shape.

What happened to the Hairy Cornflake?

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Dave Lee Travis is a former Radio 1 DJ and Top of the Pops presenter. The bearded DJ was famously known as ‘The Hairy Cornflake’ when he hosted The Radio 1 Breakfast Show in the 70s and 80s. In February 2014 a jury acquitted him of 12 out of 14 sex charges and were unable to reach a verdict on the other cases.

Is Dave Lee retiring from WCCO Radio?

It’s been more than three months since Dave Lee retired after a 30-year run. Brad Lane, who took over as the station’s program director in April, said he won’t have a permanent replacement named in time for the Minnesota State Fair. He added that a decision may not come until late fall or early 2022.

What happened to United DJs radio?

Digital service United DJs, fronted by former Radio Luxembourg presenter Tony Prince, has announced it will be closing this weekend. It launched in April 2018 and a music and memorabilia auction was held by Tony Prince in 2020 to help it continue broadcasting.

Did Tony Blackburn wear a wig?

Since then he has worked for BBC Radio London, Radio 2, Capital Gold, and Classic Gold Digital. Tony has never revealed if he wears a wig or not, despite much speculation especially during his stint on I’m A Celebrity in 2002 — which he won.

What is Andy Kershaw doing now?

Kershaw has worked as a journalist for BBC Radio 4’s From Our Own Correspondent, the Today programme and The World Tonight.

Did Anthea Turner go out with Bruno Brookes?

Brookes was in a relationship for eight years with TV presenter Anthea Turner until the early 1990’s, when she left him for fellow DJ Peter Powell.

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How many children Anthea Turner have?

The star has three step-children from her former marriage to Grant Bovey. Anthea Turner’s marriage to Grant Bovey might have run its course many years ago, but she has managed to maintain a close bond with his three children.

Why did they call Alan Freeman Fluff?

Born in 1927, Mr Freeman came to Britain in 1957 after having worked as an announcer on the 3KZ radio station in Melbourne. His nickname was already in place, coined because of a favourite jumper that he had worn until it was covered in balls of fluff and supposedly made him look like a sheep.

Where is Steve Wright now?

Home for Wright is now a £1million bachelor flat in Central London, above a scruffy garage where he parks his black Range Rover.

Who is Bobby Prior?

Bobbie keeps the nation moving with the travel news on Simon Mayo drivetime, weekdays 5pm-7pm. Bobbie landed at BBC Radio 2 and established the weekend travel service following two years at BBC 5Live.

What happened to Simon Mayo?

Simon Mayo is to end his daily show on Scala Radio and take up a drivetime slot on Greatest Hits Radio. It marks a return to drivetime for Mayo, who presented the slot on BBC Radio 2 from 2010 to 2018. He quit the station after an unsuccessful pairing with Jo Whiley. Mayo will now be up against Radio 2’s Sara Cox.

What happened to Gary Davies?

Gary now lives in London with his partner, but still returns to Manchester to visit family and friends.

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