Why are Squishmallows so expensive?

With so many Squishmallow characters, some have been produced less frequently than others. There are exclusive editions and promotional plushies that drive exclusivity (and, therefore, the price). Collectors on sites such as Mercari and eBay are now paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for the rarest Squishmallows.

Why are Squishmallows so hard to find?

Collectors are feeling the crunch of Squishmallows’ increased popularity, saying that it makes the toys difficult to find. Kelly said “demand has outpaced supply,” leading the company to ramp up production to meet it.

How do I register my Squishmallow?

Squishmallows® on Twitter: “You can register your Squishmallows here: https://t.co/PRu12LBiNJ https://t.co/SUDmqxi3IK” / Twitter.

Why are Squishmallows so popular?

The cute plush toy can foster community among collectors, content creators and fans alike. While some may find Squishmallows’ sudden popularity childish, annoying, obsessive or pointless, the line of soft and cozy toys clearly benefits many.

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What size Squishmallow should I get?

There’s a Squishmallow size for everyone, including a 3.5-inch clip on, 5-inch, 8-inch, 12-inch, 16-inch, and if you’re really looking to go big or big home, there’s also a 24-inch version for maximum snuggability.

Can you wash a large Squishmallow?

Squishmallows are machine washable, and for small stains using a simple stain remover pen or wet wipe can help. For regular washes, Squishmallows SHOULD NOT be washed on their own. After this, you can put your Squishmallow in the dryer and tumble dry it at low heat or air fluff. They don’t like to get too hot!

What animal is Monica the Squishmallow?

Monica is a light purple axolotl. She has shimmery white gills with a purple frill on each side of her head.

How big are the Squishmallows at Costco?

These 16″ Costco Squishmallows available in-store are substantially sized, super soft, come in great colors and animals- there are tons of great options in this new Spring 2021 collection, and are a super buy for only $9.99!

Why do adults like Squishmallows?

Collectors say the stuffed animals have given them comfort in a painful year, and that hunting for them has fostered a much-needed sense of community during an extended period of isolation. There are more than 800 Squishmallow characters, and hunting for rare ones has become a popular pastime.

Why are Squishmallows sold out everywhere?

Squishmallows are essentially the latest and greatest in the cuddly plush toy sector of the market. These toys are perfect for toddlers because they’re compact, soft, and made to be hugged. With so many in need of comfort during the pandemic, it stands to reason that’s why they’ve been selling out in droves.

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How many Squishmallows are there 2021?

With more than 1,000 Squishmallows characters to collect, young fans can aspire to be like their favorite characters. Each Squishmallows has its own unique name and storyline to add to the fun.

What’s the deal with Squishmallows?

Squishmallows are more than just cute—they’re bursting with personality. On the tag of each stuffed animal is not only a name, but an in-depth look at the toy’s personality. Bobby the bunny even goes by they/them pronouns, and the official Squishmallow Twitter has confirmed there’s more non-binary plushies to come.

Who owns Squishmallow?

Squishmallows is a brand of stuffed toy that was launched in 2017 by Kelly Toys Holdings LLC. Squishmallows are round and come in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures. The brand has created over 800 squishmallows characters with unique names and background stories.

Does Squishmallow have a website?

Buyer Beware: The only “official” online shop for Squishmallows is Squishmallows.com and the websites of our participating retailers listed on Squishmallows.com/retailers .

Do plushies help with anxiety?

A recent study from UV University Amsterdam suggests that touching a stuffed animal, especially among those who have low self-esteem, helps to relieve existential angst. The study also suggested touch is a means of increasing social connectedness among people during periods of anxiety.

How can you tell if Squishmallow is real?

It Never Hurts to Double-Check The first should say “Original Squishmallows: Squeeze and Cuddle Me.” The second should say Kelly Toys, plus information about Squishmallows. The final tag includes the toy’s ID and batch number. All real Squishmallows, regardless of where they are sold, have these tags.

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What was the first Squishmallow squad?

Cameron the cat was the very first Squishmallow. Vazquez took one look at the design and instantly gave him a name and a life story.

Do all Squishmallows have the same name?

Yes, each of these squishy animals has been given has their own special bio! Each Squishmallow has both a squad name and an adorable name all their own! Keep reading to learn more about these cuddly, plush creatures!

What is the latest Squishmallow?

The latest addition to the Squishmallows line is the reversible Flip-A-Mallows plushes, available in six styles with 12 characters total.

What Squishmallows are coming out in 2021?

Nature lovers will adore the deep sea squad complete with whales, crabs, octopuses and penguins. A second wave of more than 20 characters will be released by summer; established squads including HugMees™, the sassy Squish-Doos™, Heroes and Flip-A-Mallows™ will also boast new members.

How do you wash a 16 inch Squishmallow?

It’s best to wash Squishmallows in cool water only. These babes don’t like it hot! So make sure you don’t set your washing machine to high heat and avoid hot water like the plague. Tip: It’s a good idea to put your Squishmallow inside a pillowcase.

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