Why did they change TJ on Army Wives?

In season five T.J Leblanc changed from actor Luke Bartleme to Connor Christie. TJ’s actor was replaced because his father took a fellowship at Harvard and the family moved away from South Carolina, where the show was filmed.

What happened to the show Army Wives?

Lifetime cancels ‘Army Wives’ So perhaps it’s fitting that “Army Wives,” Lifetime’s longest-running series, was cancelled last September after its seventh season ended in June — leaving several storylines about the group of army spouses unresolved.

Who are the ladies in Army Wives?

They are hard-line Col. Kat Young (Brooke Shields); military wives Latasha Durant (Ashanti), Maggie Hall (a former soldier herself, played by Torrey DeVitto) and Holly Truman (Elle McLemore), as well as Holly’s husband, new recruit Tim Truman (Jesse McCartney).

Does Roxy leave Army Wives?

| Original cast member Sally Pressman (Roxy) will be back — but not as a series regular. “Sally, just like Kim, has been a huge part of the show’s success,” notes Wives’ boss, adding that Pressman’s real-life pregnancy will likely limit her participation to the first couple of episodes.

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What happened to Kim Delaney on Army Wives?

Delaney played the main role of Claudia Joy Holden on the Lifetime Television series Army Wives. In November 2012, a few weeks after the end of season six, it was announced that Delaney would not be returning for the show’s seventh season, with a short storyline that her character had died.

Was Army Wives canceled?

Lifetime is closing the book on Army Wives. The female-skewing cable network has opted to cancel its longest-running original scripted drama after seven seasons, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Does Pamela and Chase get back together on Army Wives?

At the end of the fourth season, Chase announces to Pamela that he is ready to quit Delta Force and tells her that he wants to be with her again. Pamela rekindles her relationship with Chase later in the fifth season and they later remarry in the Hump Bar.

Do Frank and Denise get divorced?

Frank and Denise mutually agreed to divorce and separated briefly, with Frank moving out to the officers’ quarters. They realized that they still loved each other and eventually dropped the divorce proceedings after reconnecting and working out their differences.

What happened to Lucky the dog on Army Wives?

With the help of a friend Lucky is smuggled back to Fort Marshall, much to LTC Joan Burton’s bemusement, who has him sent to the pound; Lucky is later adopted by the LeBlancs.

Where is Army Wives filmed?

The series began filming in Charleston in 2006. It has been filmed at the old Charleston Naval Base in North Charleston, as well as at Charleston Field on Poston Road, Boone Hall Plantation and throughout North Charleston and downtown Charleston.

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Why did Claudia Joy get killed off Army Wives?

While waiting for a kidney transplant, her best friend Denise finds out that she is a match and offers to donate a kidney to Claudia Joy in the episode “General Complications”. It was revealed at the beginning of Season 7 that Claudia Joy died of heart failure before the season started.

What is Sally Pressman doing now?

EXCLUSIVE: Army Wives star Sally Pressman is moving on from the Lifetime drama series after its upcoming sixth season. Pressman has signed a talent holding deal with NBC. Under the pact, the broadcast network will cast the actress in a project it has in development for next fall or have her join an on-air series.

Does Roxy LeBlanc have a baby?

With Trevor’s promotion to Second Lieutenant in season 6, they move to a bigger house and Roxy becomes the FRG leader for his company. As FRG leader she befriends and helps new Army wives adjust to life at Fort Marshall. In the 100th episode Roxy gives birth to twin boys, Wyatt and Drew.

What episode does Denise find out she’s pregnant?

In “Army Strong”, Denise finds out that they are expecting a girl. She and Frank plan to name their daughter Molly. In the season finale, Denise gives birth to Molly Victoria Sherwood.

Does Jeremy Sherwood died in Army Wives?

Jeremy Sherwood (Army Wives) died: March 27, 2011 This was such a heart-breaking episode since it was the first time Army Wives killed off such a close-knit character after five seasons. Jeremy Sherwood died in action in Afghanistan, leaving his parents Col. Frank and Denise Sherwood and his fiancé Tonya devastated.

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Does Claudia Joy move to Brussels?

Claudia Joy has been married to Major General Michael Holden for the past twenty years. In Season 3, Claudia Joy and Emmalin remain at Fort Marshall while Michael accepts a NATO post in Brussels. In Season 3, her husband is promoted to Major General Michael Holden and returns to Fort Marshall.

Was Kim Delaney drunk on Army Wives?

Delaney has had issues with substance abuse in the past. In 2002, she was arrested for suspicion of drunk driving, and the “Army Wives” actress has also sought rehab for alcoholism twice. WATCH: Delaney’s not the only celebrity to be charged with a DUI, take a look at some other celebrity offenders.

Is Kim Delaney playing Jackie Templeton?

In October 2020, actress Kim Delaney returned to daytime to take over the role of Jackie Templeton on GENERAL HOSPITAL, and she couldn’t have been more excited when the soap reached out to her!

Who did Gloria Cruz choose?

Gloria is married to Hector. Gloria divorced Hector in season 7. She briefly had a fling with General Clark’s son, Patrick Clark. she picked hector cruz.

Is the show Army Wives realistic?

The women — an officer’s wife, a command sergeant major’s wife, the new Army wife and the wife of a special operations soldier who was also one of the 2002 murder victims — are real. The stories — which break through stereotypes of what you’d imagine happens inside these Army homes — are real.

Is there a season 8 of Army Wives?

Lifetime has cancelled Army Wives, their long-running drama, after seven seasons. While there won’t be an eighth season, the cable channel has plans for a two-hour retrospective special with castmembers which will air in early 2014.

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